News WWE Signs La Sombra

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    Effin' nice, man. I haven't seen much of him in CMLL, but from what I've seen, I liked it.
  2. So what was the use of bringing in Del Rio again then?

    Someone give Naito a call and check so he is okay.
  3. Anyone who uses Kanye is a-ok in my book.
  4. "Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza, of Mexico City, has signed with NXT and WWE, joining the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla.
    Formerly known as "La Sombra," Oropeza is a third-generation luchador whose grandfather, father, uncles and cousins all competed in Mexico. Oropeza signed with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in 2007 at age 17, where he trained under El Satanico. While there, he held many titles, including the CMLL Trio and Tag Team titles and the NWA Welterweight and Middleweight titles.

    The WWE Performance Center's newest luchador also brings experience from Japan; Oropeza made multiple trips to Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), winning the organization's Intercontinental Championship in 2013."

    inb4 a feud with Del Rio
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  5. I am on a roll with posting late news today haha
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  6. Going to waste him, guaranteed.
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    That's what happens when you use Kanye, it just doesn't get better than that.
  8. You would think WWE would know better than to higher Mexicans who can't speak english, lol. But when it comes to vacuuming talent, it doesn't matter the circumstance.
  9. Is there any confirmation on Sombra not speaking English?
    The dude has worked internationally before, primarily in Japan so him speaking multiple languages isn't that farfetched.
  10. I think I remember someone on VOW saying he does speak English.
  11. That's what I thought. He's under 30, from Mexico city and working in an industry where you learn you craft in English mainly. Of course he at least knows enough to get by
  12. Tetsuya Naito appeared on Niconico prowrestling channel last week and talked about several things.

    Naito joined Mexican Unit called “LOS INGOBERNABLES”.

    La Sombra who is one of the top star in CMLL & a member of LOS INGOBERNABLES has signed with WWE.

    Naito mentioned about the issue.

    Here is the highlight.

    Naito : I know La Sombra since 2009. Thanks to him, I joined Los Ingobernables. It is really sad for me to hear Sombra signing with WWE, but going to WWE is the one of his dream. So “do what you want to do”.

    I talked a lot with members of Los Ingobernables last month in Mexico. Sombra did not mention about WWE, but I felt he wanna do something other. I heard the rumor of WWE, so I thought he may be going to WWE.

    I have been doing Los Ingobernables in Japan for 5 months, but no Sombra and no original members of Ingobernables in Japan. So no problem for me to keep doing here in Japan. Many people were asking me “Are you OK without Sombra?”. I want to say “No problem.” He goes to WWE, but we are connected with hearts. One day I want to bring Sombra in Japan again. So fans, please wait for it.
  13. Well then thank you Sombra for the greatest heel in the history of things.
  14. He's apparently taking English lessons 3 times a week.
  15. Takaaki Kidani called Sombra's signing, "a massive shame."
  16. Well, look who debuted in Tampa
  17. They fucking named him Manny. Manny...