Summerslam WWE SummerSlam Predictions of 2012 and a little SummerSlam Rant! Video

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    Notes to guest WF veiwer WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!​
  2. You say the F word too many times amigo.
  3. this is not a tout video!
  4. why is the quality so bad?

    and it looks like you're filming this from your shed.
  5. idk why? But no I film it were I alway film it!
  6. lol, are you wearing lipsticks?

  7. OH HELL NO! not removed NOW!
  8. lol I didn't do anything. It's from your video thumbnail. look at it.

  9. it not lipstick!
  10. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! also i will click some of your ads :p
  11. Although you say it isn't lipstick, it look's like lipstick..
  12. Nice vid Randy!
  13. thanks now please removed the photo that hoss has up.
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