WWE Taking Bootleg Merchandise

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  1. In an update on WWE seizing bootleg merchandise at WrestleCon over the weekend, there will be a hearing on April 16th in Newark, New Jersey for anyone who was caught selling. They will have the chance to plead their case and petition the court for the return of the goods. Besides seizing the bootleg merchandise at WrestleCon, officials also got a bunch of bootleg t-shirt sellers before and after WrestleMania at MetLife Stadium.


  2. Vintage Vince :vince:
  3. Are people complaining about WWE striking down people bootlegging their merch?
  4. Who's complaining?
  5. The internet. The overall reaction I have seen when reading reports on this is nerds being butthurt.
  6. Fair enough.
  7. Vince said it "it's all about the money". He should have Ted DiBiase Jr.'s theme "I come from money" LOL
  8. Bootleg shirts Da bess. Down with the man.
  9. They should have hid in their pants. Nobody gets into there.
  10. You sure about that? :ksi:
  11. Wrestling fans getting laid :pity2: Next thing you know baboons are gonna be holding up lion cubs off the edge of a cliff. Be real.
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