WWE Talent Wary Of Wrestling Ryback

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 13, 2012.

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  2. Lmao:lol1:

    How in the world is this guy getting in the ME like this?
  3. Bunch of pussies.
  4. So local jobbers aren't scared, but WWE talent are? :dafuq: doesnt make sense -.-
  5. Indeed. If I was in WWE, I would work with him.. Why not?
  6. So people aren't afraid of going in the ring with Sheamus? A man known to hurt people. But they are afraid to go in the ring with Ryback who has no history of hurting other people...... #WWEsupserstarlogic
  7. I'm sure that powerbomb didn't hurt THAT much...
  8. lol There's another Goldberg similarity for you, because some talent didn't like working with Goldberg since he could be stiff and injured some wrestlers (Bret Hart being a prime example.) But I haven't heard of Ryback injuring anyone so I don't get it.
  9. Yet they wrestle Khali :facepalm1:
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  10. If I were older and retiring soon, I might wrestle a dangerous person. Since I am just starting my career, wrestling someone dangerous isn't so appealing if they hurt me seriously
  11. Goldberg never intentionally hurt Hart. He already had one or two concussions and the superkick from Goldberg led to the 3rd one.
  12. But Goldberg was always seen as a dangerous wrestler to face.
  13. Who wouldn't be scared to face Ryback? :ryback:
  14. The only two wrestlers I know of that have been injured this year due to someone else's recklessness are Barrett and ADR... due to Sheamus and Big Show. (Of course)

    Don't know much about R-Truth or Mark Henry's injuries, Dibiase and Gabriel just landed wrong, Bourne probably did the same, and Rosa Mendes was in a car wreck.
  15. Just stopping by to post my obligatory lol dirtsheets reply
  16. I'm not sure about that. That powerbomb I see time and time again in every topic looked nasty (read: awesome), but I don't think Ryback is known for injuring people.
  17. Just stopping by to agree.
  18. Ryback is dangerous in the ring no wonder none of the talents want nothing to do with him
  19. I disagree. Sheamus is dangerous to get in the ring with. He has a history of hurting other wrestlers, among them Del Rio, some guys in FCW and his most notable case, Jamie Noble. Whom he wrestled in his first show on RAW. Injuring Nobles shoulder and back forcing him to retire. Ryback has no such history and the local guys obviously have no problem getting in the ring with him and no complaints can be found from them. This is either a "lol Dirtsheet" moment or everyone in the WWE locker room are just big pussies.
  20. Probably a stupid dirtsheet assumption as always.