wwe tells a lie

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  1. WWE said
    "Everyone who has won the money in the bank match has went on to become champion"

    Mr kennedy Won the match and didnt become champ he lost the case to Edge
    and edge cashed in to become champ. But STILL they said EVERYONE who has won the match has became champ he still won the match and he still has 0 world titles in the wwe.

    So yep there you have it WWE is full of it!
  2. I thought they said: Everyone who has cashed in, have won the title.
  3. Not really sure if that one's that big of a deal. Most of the audience knew what they meant. I was more concerned with No Way Out when the crowd was feverishly chanting for Ziggler before Lawler said "Listen to these fans, yeah, lets go Sheamus!"

    I wonder if this guy s***s out of his mouth given how much he talks out of his ass.
  4. Yeah this is what I'm sure they said too.
  5. They said every cash in has been succesful, Also I don't think they'd acknowledge Mr Kennedy now that he's in TNA and known as
  6. Anderson is godlike.
  7. WWE would never lie. Mods remove this thread and ban the thread starter.
  8. wait i do apologize it was mr John shena that said "Every one who has won money in the bank went on to become champion"
  9. Lies are told all the time in the WWE. The NWO thing with Ziggler that Rain mentioned was the worst recently. Plus, Edge cashed in and won the title, so it's not a big deal.
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