WWE Title Promo Cuts (ALL BELTS!)

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  1. Cut a promo as to why you deserve to hold one of the belts below. Make it bold and make it count.

    [​IMG] World Heavyweight Champion
    [​IMG] Intercontinental Champion
    [​IMG] United States Champion
    [​IMG] Divas Champion
    [​IMG] Tag Team Champions​

    Please post any questions or comments here.
    You will only be able to win one title.
    You can cut promos for which ever ones you would like, but you can only win ONE.

    You will have till Tuesday, December 18th at 8:00PM to enter your promo cut.

    Please put all promo cuts in spoilers. Label above them "PROMO CUT" with which belt you are cutting for. Be sure to include your WWE name both outside of the spoilers and inside of them. This will make it easier for me to make the poll threads later.


    Your WWE Name:
    BELT: World Heavyweight Champion
    Show Spoiler

    Your WWE Name:
    Heel or Face:
    Promo Cut:

    If you fail to properly post your promo cut in the format above, I will ignore it. Please be aware of that. I wont be able to correct anyone as too many belts will be up at once.

    You may comment on current promo cuts but voting will not take place till Tuesday after 8:00PM. Please keep this neat and do not spam, troll or trash this thread.

    PLEASE NOTE: There are two Tag Team Champion belts. These will be awarded to the top TWO promo cuts for that title.

    THANK YOU! :Otunga:
  2. Belt: [​IMG]
    Your WWE Name: "The Phenomanal" Sebastian
    Heel or Face: Heel
    Promo Cut:
    Show Spoiler
    See the thing that many of you may not know... is that when you say World Heavyweight Champion, the wind screams "The Phenomenal" Sebastian!

    People ask me on many things such as, how I could look so great, act so great and be so great.

    The answer is simple.

    You can't.

    I am one of a kind, a kind you haven't seen, a kind that can only be deemed by a king.

    And I'm that king! For those of you people who strongly think that they're on my league, (*chuckles) they're as delusional as people who believe that CM Punk is the Best in the World! Because when I step into that ring, I back it up. But how? How could I do such a thing?

    By bashing ignorant people like you who believe that I suck. I don't suck! You guys suck, your money is going in my bank account so if there is anyone in the world you should be boo'ing, it is yourself!

    There is no one on this planet, that can with-handle my amazing attributes. Not Dat Kid, Not FTJ, not even the Crayluminati. You people are witnessing history in the making, because Sebastian is taking over this b*tch!

    I will become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion on WWEForums and no one will stop me. Not in the past, not in the present... and not even in the future.
    *Theme Hits
  3. Hopefully I did it right. :urm:
  4. Belt: Intercontinental Championship
    Your WWE Name: Senhor Perfect
    Heel or Face: Tweener
    Promo Cut:
    Show Spoiler


    When thinking about the past we all remember great men like Lincoln, Churchill, Shakespeare, etc.
    All men who left their mark on this world.
    There was one thing all those men had in common:
    They were not perfect.

    Making history requires two specific things:
    Wanting to do something and having the balls to get it done!
    When it comes to the intercontinental Championship, I want it, and have the balls to do what it takes to get it!

    Now I'm sure there will be plenty of other guys gunning for this strap
    But I can tell you that they don't have what it takes
    Some may be good, some may be great
    But only one can be perfect.

    I'm here to bring prestige and class to the WWEF
    To write a new chapter in the annals of WWEF history
    To leave my mark
    So that everyone knows that I'm the IC champ, and what an honour that is

    No one can bring to the table what I can bring to the table
    Verbally, physically, emotionally
    I'm in a league of my own
    There's really no other choice

    So ask yourself this question:
    When you're thinking of the history of the WWEF Intercontinental Championship, what do you want it to be associated with?
    Mediocrity, greatness or......................Perfection!

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  11. I vote having a tournament style bracket for people that sign up
    Your WWE Name: Danielson
    BELT: [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Your WWE Name: Danielson
    Heel or Face: Face
    Promo Cut:
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  14. WWE Name: Scarlette Rose Brinn
    Belt: [​IMG] Diva's Championship

    Show Spoiler

    WWE Name: Scarlette Rose Brinn
    Promo Cut:

    Wrestling is something I really wanted a long time ago. Unlike the other girls that say that their favorite match would be Melina vs. Alicia Fox, I've been interested in Wrestling as long as I can remember. This proves that I deserve the championship more than anybody of you do. I can prove my love and devotion to this business by words and by actions. By actions, I mean... by kicking ass! I'll never back down from a challenge. And I know that whatever happens, I'll emerge victorious in the end.

  15. I recorded an audio as well. :facepalm:
    Danny is too good at this.
  16. My Video...

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    Did I mention I'm a Chipmunk? :haha:
  17. LOL. Omfg, dude, I might just have to vote for you... just... omg. :dawg:
  18. Here I come US title....

    Show Spoiler

    WWE Name: BK Scorpion
    Face or Heel: Heel
    Belt: US title
    Promo cut:
    What I was afraid of has happened, I may have lost my WWE championship match because of the unintelligence of the masses, but you haven't seen the last of the best in the world....ME.
    I thought the world needs me in other ways, the world of pro wrestling is begging me to do some more important things, like putting the US title in its rightful place...

    For far too long the US title has been ignored and considered the lowest title, I mean PRE-SHOWS?
    That will no longer be the case after I win the title, because it won't just beat the IC title in terms of being more prestigious, but it will beat the WWE title.....

    The scorpion is taking the strap buddies! :pity:
  19. Show Spoiler

    WWE Name: The Cigaro
    Heel or Face: Heel
    Promo Cut:
    The camera turns to the ring as Cigaro's theme plays. Few minutes have passed and still no sign of Cigaro. "Hey! Over here!!" A voice said as everything shut off and Cigaro appeared on the titantron. In the background was a city in night time, and he appeared to be on a bridge. "I had it with you all! You all want me to show you why I am the champion?! I'll show you why!!" He said as he had Crayo tied up and slapped him. "I have your owner here, the all mighty Crayo, well actually he's my bitch now. You all didn't even give one damn about my threats?! Well let me show you just how crazy I am!!" He said as he grabbed barbed wire and bite it hard, blood flowing down his mouth now. "This is the kind of champion you want, one that has no fear, one that isn't afraid of pain, ONE! That isn't afraid to take it far! I WILL be the United States champion.....or this will happen!!" Cigaro said as he kicked Crayo off the bridge. He quickly dived and held Crayo from falling off to the water. He laughed as he said, "You want to see how crazy and fearless I am?" He then pushed himself off of the bridge, both him and Crayo fell to the water now. The titantron going black now.

    Cigaro's theme plays as he enters the arena an hour later. Cigaro walked down the ramp, bloody and wet, and he went over to the announcer table and grabbed the United States championship. He held it high and grabbed a microphone from the announcer. "I survived!! This! Is the new face of the champion, the fearless champion you will all have! Don't ever forget it. I jumped off a bridge, I busted myself open, and now I! Hold the United States championship high! I could care less what any of you have to say, you would all pussy out before doing what I did! I don't need to say anything else, I already showed what I'm capable of." He said as he smashed the mic onto the floor and walked out with the championship.

  20. Your WWE Name:

    Heel or Face:


    Promo Cut:
    Show Spoiler
    "Let’s get one thing straight… I. Am not. A diva. You know what the definition of a diva is? A person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience. Now for those of you who haven’t cracked a dictionary since the second grade, that basically means you’re a fuckin’ bitch, and I’m not here to be some slut who updates their status five times a day when in reality no one gives a shit, never leaves the Locker Room and causes all this unnecessary drama because daddy didn’t pay enough attention to her… But what choice do I have? All I can strive for is that god-awful, pretty in pink belt …but when I do wear that monstrosity; know that I’m wearing it without having fake tits or spray tanner. Know that this “diva” is really all woman underneath that thin strap. A woman who wants to change things for the better around here."


    (I totally don't have the voice that I was picturing. I'm not even a good talker in general conversation. But ah well, screw it, I already spent all this time making it. I couldn't be that loud either because its 4AM here, so it sounds really stale. Also, I put a lot of effects on my voice, so I don't really sound like that. I had to heavily edit it because I still sound like a 14-year-old even though I'm 20.
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