WWE youtube channel to cost $1.99 to subscribe to in near future

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, May 6, 2013.

  1. Lol so not worth it, even for free.
  2. Wait, pay to "subscribe" so you get their vids on your subscription box? Or pay to watch their videos?
  3. I think it's pay to "subscribe" so you get their vids on subscription box.
  4. Meh the only decent thing they uploaded was Rosa doing squats.
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  5. Can see ppl being unhappy with this move and most ppl just unsubscribing. I will.
  6. so baisc everyone going unsubscribe to there channel!? :pipebomb:
  7. OH HELL YES :pipebomb:
  8. I'm subscribed to them but this is surely a great way to get me to unsubscribe.

    They're not worth subscribing to even for $1.99 a month, especially when they barely even upload whole matches. They just upload the last two-three minutes of most of them.

    Things like this make me worry if places like Youtube will try to make you pay in the future just to surf the site in the first place. Haven't certain websites tried to charge you just to visit their site before in the past?
  9. I hope that don't make me paid to make youtube video. that would make me leavre youtube!
  10. Who would pay for that when you can just go to .com/channelname and look at their videos :dafuq:
  11. Don't worry. Believe it or not, YouTube isn't profitable to Google yet. Google are just trying to make it slightly profitable, that's all. It must be annoying when one of the worlds most popular sites doesn't bring in any income, but sites like Netflix and the like earn more revenue with a far lesser count of actual members. Google would never unnecessarily charge you to browse YouTube, or even other channels, but an offer like this presents a chance for both YouTube and said channel (in this case WWE) to earn more with it. Even with this in place, it doesn't restrict you from viewing their videos, it just means they don't apply in your sub box iirc.
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  12. they better be uploading full PPVs, shows, NXT episodes, classic shows/ppvs
  13. People tend to take this a bit over the top. What is actually happening is just the subbing that will cost. You can watch for free. YouTube have been working on a push to get actual networks like FOX, BBC ect to actually make proper shows for people to watch on Youtube.
  14. But what would people be missing out on by not subscribing?
  15. The videos not appearing in your sub box. That's literally it I think.
  16. Nobody I hope. They might have some kind of videos for subscribers only to watch also.
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