WWEF Channel

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  1. Launches At Midnight With WWE Extreme Rule Kickoff show

    Real launch

    7pm Camp wwe
    8pm ECW 2010
    9pm WWE Full Matches
    10pm sky news

    WWEF : then now forever
  2. So, what is this?
  3. A tv forum channel
  4. So you are showing WWE shows on here?
  5. Yeah
  6. You know that is illegal, right?
  7. Dont worry it wwe 2k16 show like ecw
  8. How can you show Camp WWE on WWE 2K16?
  9. Well make all the wrestler small then make an arena that looks like a camp so there
  10. This just sounds stupid. And will probably turn out even stupider
  11. buddy boy dont do this
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  12. great been fucking kick
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  13. how are you doing Sky News?
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