WWEF Dysfunctional Neighborhood

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  1. :troll:

    The Dirty Cop :
    The Crazy Neighbor :
    The Town Drunk :
    The Town Idiot :
    The Corner Prostitute :
    That Girl Next Door :
    The Conspiracy Theorist :
    The Neighborhood Watch Leader :
    The Neighborhood Thief :
    The Peeping Tom :
    The Strip Club Owner :
  2. First response was to vote Aids for all of these, but...

    The Dirty Cop : For some reason KLockard23 could play that off really well.
    The Crazy Neighbor : Stopspot. He'll be back their setting off fireworks and abruptly dancing in the front yard and having way too loud of sex and shit before my curmudgeonly ass throws things at him. Repeat the next day.
    The Town Drunk : Can totally see Aids Johnson having a pretty singing voice before nighttime when he's slowly dragging himself home from the bar wondering where his underwear went.
    The Town Idiot : ZERO will be yelling "THE BRITISH ARE COMING!" whenever anything foreign comes in to town, thinking it's a relevant reference
    The Corner Prostitute : Hopefully Lady Deathbane because we'd all love her for it.
    That Girl Next Door : Think GrammarNazi82 can be bait for all the little girl scouts and the peeping toms all at once. :gusta:
    The Conspiracy Theorist : Ohhh, Britanica... Don't eat that candy bar! It was made with the blood of some random insect we've never heard of! Rawr!
    The Neighborhood Watch Leader : Crayo who'd probably scare the ne'redowells with his face. Or just call Solidus with his sniping skills.
    The Neighborhood Thief : Jonathan. Using his super-special-spidey powers to de-fuse bombs and steal our valued possessions. (And probably Aids' underwear)
    The Peeping Tom : deth
    The Strip Club Owner : Senhor Perfect, since he's basically like Deth except classier and richer.
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  3. The Dirty Cop : Shadoxicity
    The Crazy Neighbor : deth would be blasting dat metal.
    The Town Drunk : Aids Johnson
    The Town Idiot : ZERO
    The Corner Prostitute : Me, everyone's on my dick anyway.
    That Girl Next Door : Scarlette
    The Conspiracy Theorist : I agree with Rain, Britanica hahah.
    The Neighborhood Watch Leader : Crayo
    The Neighborhood Thief : Dolph'sZiggler
    The Strip Club Owner : King David
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  4. :willis: or see sig
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  5. The Dirty Cop : Lady Deathbane
    The Crazy Neighbor : Aids Johnson, I'll be hearing all his bitches scream after he gives them Aids all night.
    The Town Drunk : Aids Johnson
    The Town Idiot : Jonathan (No offense, you just seem like that kind of guy :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
    The Corner Prostitute : Lady Deathbane
    That Girl Next Door : deth
    The Conspiracy Theorist : Adam Aries
    The Neighborhood Watch Leader : Crayo (He be hiding in your windows, snatching yo people up, hide your kid, hide your wife, hide your kids, wide your wife, and hide your husband cause he's raping everybody out here.)
    The Neighborhood Thief : Rysenberg
    The Peeping Tom : Dolph'sZiggler
    The Strip Club Owner : DKJames
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  6. Liked cause deth = girl next door :haha:
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  7. :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:
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  8. Should be "The Crazy Cat Neighbor" :haha:
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  9. you were always the crazy neighbor. The cats are just your scapegoat.
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  10. The Dirty Cop : Dat (black) Kid
    The Crazy Neighbor : Brit
    The Town Drunk : Gohan/Zero
    The Town Idiot : Dolph's
    The Corner Prostitute : Crayo
    That Girl Next Door : Farooq
    The Conspiracy Theorist : Brit
    The Neighborhood Watch Leader : Senhor
    The Neighborhood Thief : Me
    The Peeping Tom : Jonathan
    The Strip Club Owner : Cray J. She's got an eye 4 data$$.
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  11. The Dirty Cop : Punk
    The Crazy Neighbor : Brit
    The Town Drunk : Aids
    The Town Idiot : Blffl
    The Corner Prostitute : Lady
    That Girl Next Door : Crayo
    The Conspiracy Theorist : Dat Kid
    The Neighborhood Watch Leader : Senhor
    The Neighborhood Thief : Deth
    The Peeping Tom : Jono
    The Strip Club Owner : Danielson
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  12. The thief has to be Zero! He stole Britanica's virginity in Jonathan's car! (in the IWT)
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  13. Finally a tag worth receiving. Thank you based Senior
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  14. just stay the fuck away from me.
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