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    The WWEF game league is very simple, no Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or whatever Nintendo has for online is needed. We have 4 different categories (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and PC) Each platform is given a game and a free-to-play game for those who don't have the game listed, if you don't have access to either we have a special program to put you into the leaaderboards. Every game on every platform is given an objective, you show any kind of VALID and truthful evidence that you completed said objective you will be rewarded with either titles, belts or trophies to represent said accomplishment. You can challenge for any belt at any time as long as your a member. To sign up just put in your user-name and what gaming platforms you have.

    Belts (open)

    WWEF World Xbox Champion
    WWEF World PlayStation Champion: @God Ovalhead Fan For Life
    WWEF World Nintendo Champion
    WWEF World PC Champion
    WWEF Platinum Platform Champion (Only Awarded)

  2. Sign dis


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  3. Say dat again!

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  4. Read this and saw free to play games. I quit.
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  5. Cool and gay and nerdy idea at the same time.
    This much negativity can't be good for you.
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  6. What you mean?
  7. Much like yourself, minus the cool part.
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  8. I'm still not sure how it's gonna work but I'll give it a shot

    EDIT: Oh Sorry duh
    Trip in the Head
    Xbox 360
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  9. Aids Johnson
    Sega Dreamcast
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  10. xBatmanxBeyond

    Xbox Live
    Xbox 360
  11. x Britanica x
    Xbox 360
  12. I partake init

    Xbox 360 The Ovalhead
    Wii U Ovalhead

    Extra consoles because why not:
    Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)
  13. I remember when I gamed last gen.
  14. BringThePain513

    Xbox 360
  15. [​IMG]
    July 2014 Games

    PlayStation (open)

    Grand Theft Auto (3-5)

    Xbox (open)

    Grand Theft Auto (3-5)

    PC (open)

    Grand Theft Auto (3-4)

    Complete 100% by July 15th

    Xbox World Champion (For fastest to turn in)
    PlayStaion World Champion (For fastest to turn in)
    PC World Champion (For fastest to turn in)

    Purchase Details


    No free-to-play was chosen since used GTA's are almost as cheap as crap.

  16. Not that I have (well 3 maybe), but if you've finished it already and prove it first you win?

    Just take a pic of the stats screen saying the percentage complete or the save file with the percentage.
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  18. There are things called online save files btw.
  19. K :sohardcore:
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