WWEF Intercontinental Championship match

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  1. ON MARCH 31st!
    Victoria Justice will face off against Senhor Perfect in a match for the WWEF Intercontinental Championship!

    A chance for the young Justice to see if he can take a title from the first ever WWEF Triple Crown Champion!

    @"Victoria Justice" vs @"Senhor Perfect"​


    It will be a two round promo match with a non poll vote afterward.
  2. Yes Brita I stole your format :jeritroll:
  3. So Senhor vs a transvestite? (Victora Justice the user is a dude)
  4. :AWYEAH: Had no idea, I'll edit it.
  5. Thats fine. :otunga::lol1:
  6. I think Senhor Perfect has got this victory in the bag, but we'll have to see as the underdog Victoria has to have his game on.
  7. Pay no mind to the rule change...This match will still take place. I approved it.
  8. *bump* Changed the date. @Britanica , please keep this in mind when making the date for the WWE Title promo battle date. Make sure they're not on the same day if you can.
  9. The main belt will be done last. Probably Saturday or Friday. Which day works better for you?
  10. I'll probably have the most time early Saturday morning or very late Saturday night.
  11. I will make it for Friday evening then. That way you can have all day Saturday.

    I won't open polls on any of the matches till Sunday.