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    Ladies and Gentleman, I'm here to introduce a kind of new, kind of old thing as nearly 6 months ago I started something which I believe brought the community closer but now I'm bringing it back after SupaHeeroh took it outta my hands then stopped doing it because the youtube series wasn't getting views. Yea, I'm getting off topic because I'm going to do a WWE 2K16 Universe Mode with the people you decide. Yea, all you have to do is reply to the thread and say which character you want to be and it could be anyone from any company, dead or alive. and I will make their overall at 90 so no bias. But you will be able to decide what to do, who you feud with, which alignment you are and who you team with so what I am asking is the guy you want and if he is face or heel(to start off, of course). oh and I am also taking part because I will be....Triple H! The Game! as a heel! It makes sense okay? so sign up and enjoy as I give out results from the show that you will wrestle on, every 2 days.

    Used Superstars:
    Adam Cole- CBK_15
    AJ Styles- The King Sonic
    Brock Lesnar- Blackout
    Buddy Murphy- Rydogg
    Cheeseburger- Mike Thunder
    Daniel Bryan- Ovaldinho
    Dean Ambrose- Geek773
    Dolph Ziggler- Roadster
    Drew Galloway- NLSuplex
    Fernando- Ring Rust
    Joe Hendry- SupaHeeroh
    John Cena- The Frosty Blur
    Kevin Owens- DK James
    Roman Reigns- African Scat Mahn
    Seth Rollins- Red Dwarf Techy
    Triple H- The Reagmaster
    The Undertaker- WUKOfficial
    Will Osprey- Indy
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    I will pick AJ Styles.

    Alignment - Face.
  3. Might as well, something to do.

    I am going to pick...

    Drew Galloway

    Alignment: Heel
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm choices

    Name: Dean Ambrose (w/ Shield attitre, it'll be on CC or something :p)
    Alignment: Heel
  5. please say you're heel....
  6. nope :cenanope:
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  7. Cheeseburger!
  8. Do you have DLC?
    If so which ones?
  9. Gotta go with Adam Cole BAYBAY! Heel of course
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  10. I thought you wanted Kevin Nash? I have the Future Stars Pack and that's it.
  11. I so wanted to be Butch from Bushwhackers. :boohoo::boohoo::boohoo::boohoo:
  12. :hhh2:
  13. Might use El Majestico for the lols. My CAW of him is shite tho.
  14. it has to be real.....
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  15. So, how does this fully work? I know you will simulate it in the 2k games, and we can ask for feuds and stuff, but do we have any input in how the feuds advance? Like, do we just go with what the Universe says, or can we say "Hey, I want my guy to attack this guy in kayfabe?" Just some questions
  16. Alright. Time to put the Future Stars pack to use.
    Alignment- Fuck knows. His promos'll just be OLE'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I will be creating the matches, you can ask for certain matches to help the feud like pick your poison but unless the game does it in the matches (I have interference on) then you can't randomly attack your rival in matches or every match would have a screwy finish.
    I need faces so you're now one
  18. Since I can't be my boy Razor Ramon i'll go with the next best wet hair guy

    Roman Reigns
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