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  1. This is something I have wanted to do for a while now and it's fitting that we can launch the end of calender year awards on our second-year anniversary. (Lazy ass mods)

    So without babbling on, here is the award page:


    Remember, make sure the username is spelt correctly

    I will announce the winners of each award on January 4th 2013, good luck to everyone.

    NOTE: Seabs was the first Inductee to the Hall of Fame
  2. Done
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  3. Just so I'm clear, we can or can't vote for ourselves? not that I'm an egomaniac that would do that or anything :silva:
  4. Yeah, you can.
  5. Don't vote yourself for everything though or else you finna get DQ'D!
  6. Grammarnazi of the year award? Does anyone even correct grammar on this site anymore? I mean we deal with Gohan for christ sakes lol
  7. You forgot a period at the end of your sentence. :mad2:
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  8. I do sometimes and I'm a votes whore so don't be shy.

    Christ* sakes.

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  9. Who was the first HOF?
  10. Seabs
  11. rookie of the year was a tough choice, mostly because I wasn't eligible
  12. Couple pointless questions in there, and felt like I needed to appreciate others much more. Tough that you can only pick one. There are so many members eligible for under appreciated award though.
  13. I just used the one that we had planned and added the last two questions. Although, I'll post the top 3 voted for some questions.
  14. You ain't winning anything Crayo. #yousuck
  15. Stop abusing hash tags you bib wearing dribbler fag
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Aaand done.
  18. lol @ anyone not voting klockard as member of the year really.
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  19. :pity2:
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