WWEforums.net After Dark #1

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Hello all, LLP here for my initial installment of WWEforums After Dark.
    Ill try to throw one of these up as often as I can to give you guys something to read in the mornings as I am now working graveyard shifts.... don't feel to bad for me though. I am well compensated for my time!!!!:win:

    Lets start off with the Obvious WWE NOC PPV OMG!!!

    Well, this is the one PPV where I have a feeling that most of it is gonna be a snooze fest, I hope im wrong... Ill be watching it at the store with my peeps and hopefully my prediction of NO TITLE CHANGES is incorrect... Maybe Layla can lose and just.....stop....trying to wrestle.. but i digress.


    Just watched my first one in a long time last night,... gotta admit..... Mr Sandow... great things are coming from this man... He couldn't have been more over with that crowd. This guy needs to be pushed to the moon!!!
    Tyson kidd vs Perfect Jr.......meh... lets push the guys that need polishing plz. Match was alright.. but not great.

    But OMG>>>>> they found TRENT!!! He is booked for next weeks show! yay! Im actually liking the "where's Trent" stuff that the other midcarders were posting on twitter and you tube.. fun stuff.


    I remember way back in the day when I was a youngster. We didnt have it nice like you youngins.....Back in our day... when we watched WWF wrestling on TV. We got to see nothing but squash matches. It was your superstars....(and sometimes virgil) wrestling generic jobbers like Iron Mike Shapre, Barry Horrowitz, Duane Gill.. you know... JOBBERS!!! Then eventually, they started to give jobbers gimmicks to make em not seem so jobberish... remember such greats as Alex PUG Porteau... T.L. Hopper... The GOON!!!!! oh yes, the goon.. classic... His boots were made to look like skates and he tossed his gloves on the ground to start throwin... good times.. good times...

    The only time you got to see superstars fight each other, was on Saturday nights Main Event.. or at a PPV. Nowadays, we see good matches every week, for hours. (sorta) and the lines of generic jobber ---superstar is blurred somewhat.... (sorry Heath Slater). Smarks those days wouldn't know what to do with themselves!!! lol

    anyway, future ones of these may happen, or maybe not, either way, enjoy the ramblings of me....Im tired, too lazy to spell check... graveyards suck.... I gonna watch some breaking bad on netflicks....

    see ya next time!
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