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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hopefully you'll get the catch of this thread uh basically there has been alot of threads regarding Twitter mentions, re-tweets and so forth with the WWE Superstars and what not.

    So I made this thread so we could post and gather up everything we've got from Twitter in this very thread.

    If you have any mentions, re-tweets from WWE Superstars then you are in the right place, post them here and discuss, that'll keep us down a few levels from spamming the sections with LQ threads.

    Well I suppose I have a couple of mentions right here which I want to share with you:
    Show Spoiler



    [​IMG] (THQ WWEGames Designer/Developer - I asked him if he could tell me if there's something new that's gonna come to WWE 13')

    [​IMG] (I told her that she's the most beautiful diva ever and that box thingy after what she said is a heart according to my IPhone)

    [​IMG] (It was at this exact time when I was desperate for mentions so I had to say anything to get any WWE Employee's attention and I succeeded, I mean it's quite an honor to have a mention from a legendary commentator right?)

    Well whenever I get new mentions I will post them and ALSO put them in this post so go ahead and brag buddies.
  2. Every stanford mention I get results in a new thread. He's that good.
  3. Keep it here noob.
  4. I'm gonna tweet him and say that you want to marry him, is that cool?
  5. No. Don't get involved with our bromance.
  6. This is a thread if you get mentioned / retweeted by a WWE employee. It's basically a chance to show it off.