WWEF's Greatest Wrestlers of the 'Mania era (#5)

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  1. Macho Man Randy Savage

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  2. Rowdy Roddy Piper

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  3. HBK Shawn Michaels

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  4. Bret Hart

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  5. The Undertaker

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    Hulk Hogan
    Poll #1

    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Poll #2

    The Rock
    Poll #3

    The Nature Boy Ric Flair
    Poll #4

    Vote for who you think should be #5 on WWEF's list of greatest wrestlers of the Wrestlemania era. If you missed the first poll, you can go over the rules and voting criteria here


    Anyone clicking on "Poll 4" will see The Undertaker had more votes in the poll. Unfortunately for those hoping to see The Undertaker win the 4th spot on the poll, there were a few voters who failed to post and follow instructions, resulting in those votes not counting towards the tally. Flair supporters were all bright enough to follow rules, so he was named the winner, 6 votes to 5.
  2. Got here before the poll -.-.
  3. Voted HBK; nominating Eddie Guerrero.
  4. I'm going with HBK and nominating Foley once again.
  5. Voted Piper I nominate Foley
  6. Vote - Bret Hart
    Nominate - Foley
  7. Senhor must be marking, finally getting to vote for Bret screwed bret.
  8. Voted: Bret
    Nominate: Mr.Perfect
  9. :happy: am I that predictable?
  10. Where the hell is Andre. Being objective, Andre deserves to be the next guy on the list for his impact.

    I'll vote Shawn Michaels and nominate Andre.
  11. Voting HBK nominating Edge
  12. Andre's run didn't last very far into the "Mania era" as I can't remember anything he did past WM 3.

    If you think he is worthy of being nominated though feel free to nominate him and others might join in nominating him if they feel he is worthy.
  13. I forgot about this being only the Mania era. Although he did have a huge hand in making Wrestlemania 3 the peak of the 80's boom.

    I'll nominate Mick Foley instead.
  14. Veering a little off topic, but I was glancing over his Wiki page and read this little tidbit

    "He also went sixty-minute time limit draws with the two other major world champions of the day, Harley Race and Nick Bockwinkel."

    Jesus man, how boring would a 60 minute draw be involving Andre the Giant?
  15. Voted Taker
    Nominating Kane
  16. So boring you'd likely have to stab yourself just to stay awake.

    Although guys like Harley Race could get a good match out of a broomstick, doing so with Andre is a whole different story.
  17. Depends when it was Andre had some dope matches in Japan in the late 70s and early 80s, he was pretty agile for a giant.

    VS Hansen in 81.
  18. 60 minutes though? They must have had a 30 minute rest hold somewhere in the middle.
  19. So is this like a top 10 thing? Or is this going to be a never ending list?
  20. Top 500.

    nah but as long as we are having 20 or so votes per voting round I don't have a problem continuing on to see the top 20, 25, ect. If people are interested enough to vote/nominate I'll continue making polls