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  1. Back in the attitude era, were you a WWF person or a WCW person and why?
  2. It really hard to said as i wathc both. as much as i could. My all time favories wrestler Randy Macho Man Savage so i like WCW just b/c of that. but the ricse of goldberg really help WCW in 1998. People keep saying 1997 was the year of WCW and in raing term i geuss u can said that. But in my opain that was the year of WWF b/c that slowly were turning in to that attitude we got in attitude era. 1997 really lay the gross work for what WWF would being from the end of 1997- to the end of 2001 of the attitude era. If 1997 does not go the way that it did for WWF i don't think WWF get over WCW in by the begining of 1999 were WCW never beat WWF again in the rating!
  3. I watched and loved both consistently until I gave up on WCW in early/mid 1999. Not coincidentally, that's also when the rest of the world tuned out in droves judging by the ratings. From that point on, I would only tune in every now and then but otherwise kept my allegiance to the WWF since it was the only show that was entertaining me on a regular basis at that point.

    I started watching WWF in late 1996/early 1997. Stone Cold's character, the whole booking of the Austin/Bret feud, the Hart Foundation angle, the Undertaker as world champion and the beginning of DX was what hooked me to WWF.

    WCW is what got me first hooked to wrestling in the fall of 1996 with the New World Order storyline. I loved WCW before the NWO angle was watered down, when Goldberg was huge with the streak, when you had one of the best all-around rosters that any wrestling company has probably had at any given time ever (Hogan, Savage, Goldberg, Flair, Luger, Sting, DDP, Steiner Brothers, Outsiders, Mysterio, Juventu, Jericho, Eddie, Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, Harlem Heat, Raven, the Giant, Syxx, Henning, Finlay, Konnan, Bagwell, etc.)
  4. I liked WWF, mostly becuase of HBK. He was my idol growing up. I felt he was the best in the buisness, and wanted to watch him no matter what. Also WWF seemed wrong at times. Meaning, it felt like i was watching something I shouldn't at that age, which was fun.
  5. Both, I'd watch every RAW and Nitro . Then Thunder/Smackdown when they came around. Such a great time to be a wrestling fan.
  6. WWF.
    Don't really know, I just enjoyed it more. The promos and segments were all over the top, and on the edge. It made them so entertaining that it caught my interest. Of course back when I was a kid I didn't really care much for the matches, so the high entertainment value of WWF won more over more then WCW.
  7. WCW FTW dude.
  8. I preferred WWF because of HBK but WCW was also awesome, Rey Mysterio, Sting, those were great names and they still being great names, they're legends brother
  9. WWF I just preferred everything about it. The wrestlers ,the promos. Wcw just didn't seem such a polished product as wwe did. I didn't likut e the wcw atmosphere. I am from the UK and WCW wasn't shown on UK Tv it was on some German channel.
  10. Started watching wrestling in the late 80s. Liked flair more than I liked hogan. So I watched NWA/WCW instead of wwf. In the mid 90s I started watching both pretty consistently. Held on to wcw until sometime mid 2000. Was hard to watch what used to be a great show turned in to complete trash by Russo and Ferrera.
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  11. Mmmm Sable :otunga:


    Brock's a lucky man for sure.
  12. Didn't watch then. :downer:
  13. I was a WCW man (well, kid) from about 95 through 99.
  14. I need to see much more WCW.
  15. I could only watch Wcw if i was in a relatives house on Friday night (rare) but wwf was repeated on saturdays so i watched that.

    I got bored of wrestling in the attitude era though, they seemed to always try finishing raw on ever more out there story twists if i remember right. Plus i discovered booze and girls.
  16. Well booze and girls tied in with the Attitude Era. But, pyro, go to stagevu and search up WCW and the date of the shows, and bam, you can watch em'.

    You need to download the Divx Web Player in order to watch them though.
  17. [video=youtube]https:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIP_x2V3has[/video]

    This is one of my favorite moments in WCW history. The NWO wins a big match (where their very existence was on the line) and Sting finally comes down and chooses a side between WCW and NWO for the first time since he went into the rafters.
  18. I've watched a ton of old Nitros/PPVs on Youtube. Start either after Hulk's turn or when the Outsiders start showing up.
  19. I tried to watch both as much as I could, but I was mostly into WWF. The first PPV I ever ordered was Wrestlemania 14. I got hooked on WWF afterwards, and watched WCW less and less.