Wyatts or Shield?

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  1. Do you Follow the Buzzards or do you Believe in the Shield, or do you like/hate both groups? Who is the best guy in these groups?

    For the Shield
    1. Roman Reigns
    2. Dean Ambrose
    3. Seth Rollins

    I think Roman Reigns is the top guy in the Shield.

    For the Wyatts
    1. Bray Wyatt
    2. Luke Harper
    3. Eric Rowen

    I think Bray Wyatt is the top guy for the Wyatts.
  2. I only like Bray from the wyatt's.

    And I only like Roman and Dean from the shield.
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  3. Favorites: Harper & Rollins
    Top Guys: Obv Reigns & Bray imo

    I'm not a fan of either stable.
    3MB > Shield & Wyatts
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  4. I follow the buzzards. Wyatt will be a family for a year easily.
  5. Harper is a beast as well. That clothesline is insane. Rollins is my favorite and IMO the best of the shield. I can see him sneaking in and picking up a victory in their triple threat match after roman kills Ambrose.
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  6. Roman is the best Young Man in WWE. he is a future of WWE.
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  7. I prefer the Shield, but I like both stables and as to who would win between them at EC? Wyatts.
  8. Bray & Rollins.

    I like the Shield more than the Wyatts
  9. I liked the Shields more but i agree with @SharpySandow I like 3MB more. The best member out of the 2 groups are Reigns and Bray
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  10. Hehe it has my name on it :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Well can I use it?
  12. Sure brah, I won't trip over it.
  13. I like em all except probably Rowan, but even he's a good big guy.

    I like The Wyatt Family better, only because Bray.
  14. I hate Bray Wyatt. I hated Husky Harris.
  15. Oh you were talkin about the 3MB pic haha, thought you were talking about my Rusev one @Zack Ryder
  16. I dont watch NXT so...
  17. He won't be in NXT for long BRAWRR!! he was in the Rumble and he was holding his own against numerous people :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Wasn't able to see the rumble this nyear either. Was it like last years with Bo Dallas
  19. There wasn't a tourney for the entry spot this year, he was just a random entrant it was pretty dope! I marked pretty hard not gunna lie.