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    After reviewing multiple shows and cards over the last couple of weeks. I came to see that the X-Division was one of the most intriguing acts on the card. It was real fun to keep track of defenses and have the unexpected cash in of the title like THG did last year at Mania 2. So I decided that the best thing to do, with the merging of the world titles, was to have the X-Division and the X-Division title return. Of course the benefits of successful defenses, such as Option C. As a new benefit for the winners of Ultimate X matches. The winner will receive a World title shot of their choosing, at any PPV.

    Currently we have 2 members already signed up for the Ultimate X match. A maximum of 8 competitors are allowed for this match. Join if you want. Currently @Indy and @Ovalhead are signed up.

    @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Breeze: Jack Forte
    @Ovalhead: Lee

    @Gav the Champ! Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Kenny Omega

    @Dat Kid: King Zero
    @CrayJ Lee: Victoria Parker
    @CM Punk: Christian

    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @TNH: Chris Kaizer
    @Vice: Vice

    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @Prince Bálor: Prince Bálor
    @:OPJAKE: Joe Collins

    Current entrants -
    Aids Johnson
  2. Did I really main event to IWT Mania's? Had no idea.
  3. don't think I should be in it unless i lose the title
  4. learn to edit.

    Now that I'm out of the leadership spot, i'd like to throw my hat in the mix again. Flair was 54, i've got plenty of time.

    Also you're welcome, we know Aids did what was best for business AGAIN.
  5. Aids Johnson competing for the X-Division title. w0w
  6. Multiple titles. I should be given a world title shot for the fact I am the only reason you are where you are. Does ANYONE give you the shot I did?
  7. Trip did.
  8. when? Trip disappeared when I was asking for help and competing.
  9. Last year around August. Now sign up and stfu.
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  10. I'm above your paygrade, you just accept i'm interested and deserve a title shot.
  11. i really dont care
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  12. I haven't made up my mind just yet. Will let ya know, though
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  13. Add it to the list of titles @CM Punk and I will have once this show is over. Why not
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  14. let me fuck these kids up.
  15. Honestly, I think it would be cool to have the World champ be X-Division champion, or at least try for it. Even if you lose the World title you will have 2 shots at the title. Franchise Player.
  16. Uhhhh I guess.
  17. Since we're at the minimum of 6. The deadline for entries is Saturday.
  18. No more entries will be accepted.
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