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  1. We all hear about how "X-Pac Heat" or "You suck as a performer, get off my TV' is a bad thing, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder why that is. Why is it so bad to irritate people

    Am sticking this in the TNA section since they are the best example. Lord knows they've done enough to piss us off (and make us happy) so it'll be difficult to get us to stop watching now, so after sitting through the Aces and Eights Anderson felt like a HUGE star for killing off the faction we all wanted to die. After seeing boring ass Chavo and Hernandez walk around with the tag belts, Gunner and Storm winning became a really welcome breath of fresh air. Now there's the overbooked main events brought to you by Dixie Carter, and just for putting a stop to them MVP feels like a beloved figure in TNA.

    There's a lot of WWE examples too (right, Sheamus?) but it all got me thinking... isn't heat heat nowadays, no matter how you get it?

    Odd topic but discuss.
  2. i wonder when mvp is gonna work a match
  3. I agree to a degree, heat is heat. I don't like every kind of heat, but I appreciate when someone is getting it.

    This next Thursday night.
  4. Yes and no. It depends on the superstar and the situation. Producers and writers will not want them to get "X-Pac Heat" because it doesn't sell. The whole point of a good heel is for them to get tons of heat and sell PPV's because the fans want to see the face whoop his ass. I don't think people are going to buy into this guy or feud if they hate seeing them on their TV due to lack of talent etc. For example, Garrett Bischoff, should he be given a push because nobody wants to see his ass employed in any wrestling company?
  5. Idk. Isn't that kind of heat, the kind that just make people want to turn their TVs off and stop watching? Don't see how that's a good thing.
  6. oh hell yeah
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    i suppose so. but a good heel makes you love to hate him. you cant stand the guy but you watch anyways because he's so damn charismatic.
  8. It works for smarks like us, because we don't turn off the tv. So a guy like Chavo we desperately wanted to see lose the belts, yea, it works. He was a 'face' but became a massively over heel despised by the IWC.
  9. chavo works well as a heel because he seems like a total prick IRL my natural instinct is to dislike him
  10. It's the same thing as "change the channel" heat. Which isn't the kind of heat you want if you want people to watch the show and purchase the PPVs and such.
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