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  1. *Lee comes out in a suit, his new X-Treme belt around his waist. He comes out along with his partner Rita, who raises his arm. Lee nods his head in appreciation to Rita. Rita then makes her way to the back as Lee triumphantly goes down the ramp and into the ring. The ring isn't decorated tho, it's only a mid-card title after all~. Regardless, as Lee is handed a mic, he has a wide grin upon his face*

    Lee: I still can't believe any of this to be honest....Barely months ago I was in a state of retardation, couldn't have intercourse, couldn't read, I couldn't even articulate like the well-educated gentleman I am. To be here now is truly an emotionally deep moment!

    Also....I think I've cured my demons....and the AJ Styles inside of me is gone, for now, I apologise to all of those I frightened while under that state of insanity.

    Well....Firstly, I would like to thank the man with the power of 1000 hearts within 1, Chris Nowinski! He used his own experience of having a concussion to help me on the road to stability. The feeling it gave me knowing he cared so much helped speed up my road to recovery.

    Secondly, A more recent help was the lass we just saw at the top of the ramp...appreciating my greatness. That competitor being Rita Kendall. She motivated me so much in the build up to my match vs Jwab that it inspired me to return to the amazing man I once was....I promise I WILL NOT let her down in the tag tournament...Win or lose, we'll end the tourney with our heads held high, knowing our quality was on show for the IWT Universe to marvel at with envy!

    But alllllll that aside....What I have come out to do...Is call upon a LEGEND, a man who had the LONGEST reign of a certain little belt....that makes up 1/2 of the belt I now own in my posession....


    *Crowd pop at the thought of David being mentioned*

    That jobber Jwab may have taken you out after the EC but now....Your healing process is complete. COME OUT HERE AND FACE ME FOR THIS BELT!!!! I beat a Cure pal to win this belt....Now I want to face you too David!

    Perhaps you don't come out....Perhaps you're too scared...Perhaps you feel you're not good enough...But David, if you do not can you ever succeed?

    Come out and give the people what they want!

    OOC: @David5150
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  2. David: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no
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  3. *Lee bites his lip and shakes his head*

    Lee: C'mon David...For good times sake! One.More.Match. You take my title...and you prove to yourself that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! If you don't win the can retire in peace...Don't let your ending moment in IWT be a jobber beating you down backstage....

    Take a leap of faith David...I know you want to.
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  4. @Ovalhead Le Jobber please use the storyline prefix for threads like these. Promos is only to be used when matches are in their promo phase.
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  5. Thanks for the heads up.
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