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  1. For those ones who don't know what's the XCam, it's a cam that is situated in the head of the referee.

    Can it be a dangerous thing?

    Do you love it?

    Is it more dangerous for the referee or for the wrestlers?
  2. Can it be a dangerous thing?

    Do you love it?
    -Not really

    Is it more dangerous for the referee or for the wrestlers?
    -Neither, its a small light camera they wear on their heads.
  3. It's not a dangerous thing. But I don't think it brings anything to the table. It's just a close up shot of an angle you can get with a grip cam.
  4. I personally think that even a little camera can break at any time and that'd be dangerous imo
  5. How can a small, probably battery driven camera attached to a hat break and hurt someone? If it is battery driven then there is very little chance or the ref being electrocuted and the hat is probably insulated as well. If it breaks all that will happen is it will lose connection with the stream and thus be useless. I don't think anyone can be hurt physically by it.
  6. Even if it's that small, I think that a kick or something can break it and imagine one of the broken pieces is dangerous... The possibility is small but it can happen
  7. I'd love it if they work it into a story, say they do a dusty finish where the ref misses a foot in the rope but the camera catches out.
  8. Haha its not dangerous at all.

    ''The possibility is small but it can happen'' this is true for almost anything. Lol
  9. If it happens I'll laugh in your face
  10. It's pretty cool, but just them breaking away to the X-Cam every now and then doesn't do anything for me. Think it's better used for replays of highspots.
  11. I personally think the X-cam is great to see the pins, like that they couldn't say "I didn't see it" because we'd know it's a lie
  12. Meh, if they don't incorporate it into storylines it's useless. Doesn't make that much of a difference.
  13. It's just OK. No real complaints about it tbh except that it looks corny on poor ref's head.
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