Year long title.

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  1. CM Punk has the longest title reign in WWE History. It all started at Survivor Series last year (November 20th) when he beat Alberto Del Rio. [​IMG]
    Then on January 2nd, The Iotola of Rock 'n rolla , Y2J, Chris Jericho returned and wanted to beat CM Punk and prove that he's the 'Best in the world at what he does today'. [​IMG]
    Daniel Bryan soon wanted to be champ again. When AJ Lee kissed Punk, Bryan was furious with him, and wanted to beat him more then anything. But as you know he failed. [​IMG]
    Kane stepped in during their rivalry and wanted the championship. Monsters don't always win. He failed to dethrone Punk as well. [​IMG]
    Just recently, John Cena has cashed in his MITB contract on CM Punk on the 1000th episode of Raw. He failed like all the others. [​IMG]
    Can anyone beat Punk?
  2. Google Bob Backlund(inb4 Leo) and Bruno Sammartino, they have had the championship WAY longer, but congrats on CM Punk. Hope he keeps it longer, he's becoming interesting again.
  3. Punk doesn't have the longest title reign... Don't know where you got that from.

  4. I said WWE History not WWF
  5. Still... Edge, Batista, John Cena have all had longer reigns.
  6. Actually no, only John Cena has a longer reign, by 380 days. CM Punk has topped everyone else though if it's only WWE, but WWE shares the same history with WWF since it's the same company.
  7. Yeah what the other guys said, Punk doesn't have the longest reign. As far as him loosing, it'll be to Cena and it'll be real soon. It pains me to say it, but that's what's going to end up happening. I figure they'll want to have another Cena/Rock fight which'll probably happen at the rumble since Rock said he's challenging whoever is the WWE champion. It's on Punk's list to win a royal rumble and what better time to do it then when Rocky is champ. Rock being Champ sets up the whole spotlight scenario with Punk which'll lead up to mania. On a side note I could also see The Rock getting involved at The Night of Champions PPV to sway the match either way. He could get revenge on punk for the GTS at Raw 1000 or he could cost Cena the match, so that he's guaranteed to get his hands on Punk at the rumble.
  8. He didn't say WWE title, just title reign. WWE title only John Cena has a longer reign.
  9. punk IS cena in my eyes. Shit run, shitty feuds, and DB carried his feud for months. Sure, you are happy now, because there is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference from punk 2 months ago to today, get the title to someone else.
  10. Speaking of feuds, I think you guys are startin' one with me. :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. WWE and WWF is the same thing, it is the same title. Punk and Cena both are far from the longest reigning champ. Bruno Sammartino held the title for 11 years. I'd probably do something drastic if Cena or Punk held it for that long.
  12. It's not the same. WWF Had way better superstars then today. WWF had the Undisputed championship. The WWF Title.
  13. Still the same company run by the same family with the same title. When they changed their name they didn't turn the company over and start a new one, just changed the name. To say it isn't the same company just because of different storylines is not a valid point, in that case the WWE would become a new company every five or ten years or so.
  14. Got me there.
  15. Punk is easily the guy with the longest reign since Cena's initial reign I believe but he has a long way to go.
  16. Refreshing to see such a long prestigious reign.
  17. Yes the fact that Punk has been allowed to hold the title for nearly a year has been very refreshing compared to earlier when the title changed hands every pay per view between Cena and the heel of the week.
  18. Backlund owns that boy every day of the week.
  19. I :win:
  20. I noticed you said it, but I couldn't help but point out the obvious. :lol1: