Yeezus sucks.

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  1. I've seen nothing but fan worship over Kanye's "Yeezus" album. It fucking sucks imo. I can't get into any of the songs and it's just generic Kanye shit. Why is he considered one of the best in the game right now?
  2. Haven't heard it but I'm not surprised it sucks. Ever since his song "Mercy" I've pretty much refused to listen to him.
  3. The only thing I am surprised at is how the hip hop community is treating this like a God album or some shit. It's awful. He's touring with Kendrick though so perhaps that'll make it better.
  4. Because Kanye has fashioned himself an image as the "god of rap" and he has media by the balls. Kinda like a wrestler he plays the crowd into thinking he is this image he has painted for himself.
  5. I'm not all that into rap, but Kanye is considered one of the best? What a fucking joke.
  6. Kanye is an idiot and his music sucks ass. Jamie Fox made gold digger cool, but that was it for me.
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    Kanye has hella mainstream appeal. I think that goes into his praise. He just bothers me with how full of himself he is. The tracks seem like one huge smug fest, and it sounds like shit.
  8. Yep. Honestly, the rap community are treating him as a God. I thought he was one of these mainstream rappers who are garbage but 12 year olds love; aka Lil Wayne. Apparently not. Drake gets mad love by loads as well.
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  9. That's only because everyone thinks that he's Saylor.
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  10. Yep he's full of himself.

    Yeezus was pretty good imo.. I liked Blood On The Leaves, Bound 2 and New Slaves because of him mixing in old samples of music from way back.