YES YES YES! ThaWaveKing aka Nate on youtube a big youtube guy SHOW GOHAN SOME RESPECT!

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  1. At the part of the video 9:17- 9:22 :yes: :yes: :yes: !​
  2. No one cares.

    The end of story
  3. >A big youtube guy
    >Has 200 something subscribers.

    Wait better yet why in fuck should you care if some famous person on the internet mentioned you.
  4. his main channel which had alot more suber then me he closed it. so that why he starting over.
  5. Not even a lot of subs then 2/10 wouldn't bother watching
  6. You're friend must know you so well, seeing as all you do on this forum is go around arguing with people, bribing staff to ban fellow users, using homophobic slang towards anyone who is homosexual not to mention if someone disagrees with you their a 'dumbass" or 'retard". I guess you deserve all the respect in the bloody world.

    If anyone should be giving respect it should be you to the users you insult so often.

    Give respect, Get respect, don't preach what you can't follow through.
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  7. I called then dumbass moust of the time b/c there being one when i prove then wrong that still act like dumbass! and i hate the word retard! AND NO SHOW ME RESPECT!
  8. Doesn't work that way in life, If you expect someone to treat you the way you want to be treated you should at least put in the effort to at least consider that they to have feelings just like you.

    If not then there's no point in preaching about respect, now is there?

    No point in writing this however as you will simply reply with something in caps and end it with a verbal insult.
  9. let me ask u something that what U ALL DID TO BE IN THE BEGIN! So it ok if everyone else did to me but when i fight back and do all do u oh now it bad! FUCK OFF!
  10. You forgot to mention how when you fight back it's just fighting, no actual facts presented and there's no reasoning with you.
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  11. Members disagreeing with you is not the end of the world, From what I have seen from your bickers with other members it seems to be based around wrestling topics, If someone has another opinion on something and it's not in your favor it's instantly not acceptable in your eyes and you cause a big drama over it.
  12. if i am right which half time i am then yes not going agree with that said b/c there being dumb ass and looking up fact i put make fact i gift my source of were get my info from! like nero he or she is the big dumb ass on it right any time when i post something he be the 1st one to post something bad about my post all jut pissed me the dumb ass should b/c it clear a troll that was an ones why crayo unban it i never know?! But it not change it still the biggest ass hole EVER!
  13. I honestly give up trying to get through to you. This is becoming ridiculously brain numbing and i regret even starting this conversation.
  14. You love pinning him or I as the responsible culprit eh?
  15. Attention Whore
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  16. You give this thing attention, he will continue. Same with any other troll, and yes, I am calling him a troll. inb4Crayo
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  17. shut up retard, you get no respect because you show no respect you damn pussy ass cracker.
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  18. Jeff Shocke > this guy.
  19. I NOT A RETARD! STFU AND SHOW ME SOME RESPECT! Ever Nate gave it to me!
  20. Nate can suck my dick. And you can suck my dick.