YES, Yet Another WWE Injury

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 10, 2012.

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  2. And not a single fuck was given.

    There have been a ton of injuries and suspensions though.

    And totally off topic but there have been so many fights ruined by injuries in the UFC lately as well. I think guys are just going soft :burns:
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  3. Kofi is cursed.
  4. Kofi Cursedston

    More of a blessing IMO. Maybe WWe should take the hint the universe is trying to give them and stop putting Kofi in stupid temporary tag teams and randomly throwing the belts on them.
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  5. Agreed, although he's a fantastic tag-team partner to have and compete against.
  6. Haha lol agreed.

    I hope this is all just a part of big summer angle speculation.
  7. Kofi Kingston is the new Tyson Kidd.

    But seriously, how many people are left? Good grief.
  8. My god Smackdown is dead. :cry:
  9. Justin Gabriel is already back, he's listed as injured on that list, not sure when it's from though.

    Anyway, lots of injuries and suspensions, and I want to see how they'll work around this if Truth can't compete. Something needs to be done with so many people out too.
  10. Wow, can things get any worse for the WWE? Now their are reports that R-truth sprained/broke his foot on tour, what is this gonna do to the WWE Tag Team Division?
  11. They've got to give those titles to the Usos, O'Neil & Young, Gabriel & Kidd...
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  12. O'Neil & Young. :otunga:
  13. Million of dollars baby. :boss:
  14. If they don't want new tag champs, I'd love to see Percy Watson take Truth's spot, taking a minor role to see how the crowd responds. He's even black, so that would please the WWE braintrust who thinks that's how you make tag teams.

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  15. Percy could do a good job, that's true. But how would they explain that he got into the team?
  16. William Regal and Damien Sandow. :gusta:
  17. Fucking this.

    Percy Watson is incredibly talented, a good ring worker and has a great shape.
  18. I say good news/bad news. No way how kofi can bump up to a good upper level belt run, but i would be pumped to at least see him get the IC title another good wrestler in contention. I say have 2 tag matches at NWO and then have the winners face after, and also at the 3 hour show have the rematch the next night. Millions of dollars.
  19. Fuck this is bad. And you can imagine the remaining talent are gonna have to work twice as hard which will lead them to injury. WWE really is fucked
  20. If they think just using the same guys over and over again then yes they are fucked. That's what got them in this situation in the first place. Relying on a small amount of people. They should use this as a opportunity to create a new relevant mid card, allowing for rarely seen guys to appear on TV and at least have feuds based on personal matters and the IC/US belt.
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