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    *Jacob comes out with a new theme, but his old clothes. He gets into the ring and asks for a microphone*

    I just came here to tell what I feel every single time I watch IWT at home or come here to work. It's just a pain on the neck to see so many new wrestlers who come out saying they are the best in this business and begging to have a title match. They all want to get to the top of the company with no work. They come out taking the time that could be used to have matches saying they want to fight at Uprising or at Night of Champions. The only thing they care about is themselves. Don't take me wrong, I was once like them but I realised I needed to defeat everyone who is better than myself to earn a shot at a championship. That brings me to my next point. Dexx (DX2006) asked for a tag team championship match against the Cure at Night of Champions. I respect they want a match against the Cure, but we were there too. As my partner (Rhod) said some time ago, we will fight everyone who steps in our way to put an end to the Cure. Right now, we have a match to determine who will face Jwabb and Alias Antonio at Night of Champions for their tag team title. I'm not going to say that we'll win easily, but we'll finally see them in action instead of bitching around saying they are the bests because they defeated one guy in their career.​

    *Slight cheers. Jacob stops for a while and starts talking again*

    I'm not gonna talk about the Cure or the Crusade right now. I'm only going to warn our opponents at Uprising. If you want to have a chance to beat us, you better bring your best and put everything you've got on the line because we aren't going to go easy on you. I don't really know what you can do, but I want to see it in the ring. You don't need to come out saying "hey, I am better than you and I'll prove it in the ring." Someone told me a long time ago that words are cheap and if you aren't sure 100% you are right you better shut your mouth and prove it!​

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  2. yawn
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  3. *comes in*
    *sees Black Veil Brides*
    *burys myself with my albums*
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    Ugh.. black veil brides, there only good song is "in the end" and if you want a title match, the IC champ is doing nothing... face senhor perfect
  5. That wasn't the point on my promo. And I used that song because it expressed a bit of what I wanted to say.
  6. *hears the entrance song
    *instant heat*
  7. *Hears the entrance song*
    *Kills himself*
  8. You wrote ITW, Nano.
  9. OOC: I get your point. As a newbie I have noticed that alot of the matches are just talking about "I will kick your ass" and "You are not better than me" "and "Bring me the champ". Where's the creativity? The gimmicks? I have seen some good ones though (Ben Dover for example), so it's not non-existent.
  10. Damn it. EDIT POWER!