Yoshi Tatsu: Should he leave or not?

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  1. Yoshi Tatsu is practically another Japanese guy, who has tons of talent, but is being misused and became the 2nd Funaki. So my question is, should he or should he not continue in the WWE?

    Seeing how well he was in Japan, and seeing how bad is his status with the WWE, makes me wonder why Japanese wrestlers even bother to sign in the WWE?
  2. Money, they can make a lot more money in WWE then they could in Japan. Japan also does wrestling in tours, it's not a constant 365 day a year job like WWE wrestlers have.
  3. He never really got anywhere in japan did he? Still his best bet of success is returning to his homeland.
  4. Senhor, does it really worth to get degraded as a professional wrestler, just for some $$$?
  5. When you consider how short your career can be due to injuries, yes. Not to mention that his exposure earns him more money if/when he's let go. He can bill himself as "former WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu" and command higher pay on the indy scene or Japan.
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  6. Trust me, if you get paid as much as Yoshi does, and get degraded by your boss, you'll take it like a man, and keep your mouth shut. That's how business and Employer/Employee relationships are in the world.
  7. He needs a more serious character then he wouldn't be a jobber.
  8. WWE needs jobbers, and he certainly fits that role.
  9. Problem is he's never been booked in what i'd like to call a proper feud, so really he's just booked to job. Depending on how much he gets paid, if it's less than $15k a year, i'd quit. You could probably get a better job being a fitness instructor and earn more.
  10. But jobbers should be fighting to be more than that. They need to show passion. Jobbers can be called in from local independent promotions so I don't understand why some WWE wrestlers settle for being just that and showing no motivation to be more. I can't remember who it was ,I think it might've been Ziggler, who said some wrestlers are happy going out, doing minimum work and collecting their paycheck. JTG. I'm looking at you.

    NXT wrestlers start on $25k so it'd be more than that.
  11. No. From what I understand he was never a big star in Japan, and it's not like Japan is a small pond where he'll come back and they'll say "oh well he's a former WWE guy give him our top spot", it's far from that. Plus, he earns big money and doesn't even work every week in the ring, so he's alright there.
  12. I don't really care if he leaves or not, I liked him more in Japan tbh
  13. Well then, since he can't speak much English, I'll assume he's trying his best. However I believe the person you were quoting was either Ziggler or Punk.
  14. He's been in the US for 6 years now, he should be able to at least cut a half decent promo (that is his job, afterall). Even so, Kai En Tai got over massive without saying a word. Same with Tajiri. In my eyes, he's happy doing what he's doing with his #YoshiArmy and that's good for him but it's not going to elevate his career.

    And fuck I only just seen he's 35.
  15. I'm sure half the time they didn't even realise what was going on, plus we were living in less socially acceptable times, so they can't play too much on his race to much nowadays.

    Because that's essentially what got Kai en tai over as far as i'm aware.
  16. People are underestimating the strength of the Japanese promotions by a long way, Yoshi isn't good enough to be anything than a curtain jerker in NJ/AJ/NOAH. He could be a big deal in a smaller promotion but then again what's the point?
  17. The Kai En Tai gimmick was absolutely hilarious. Borderline at best. Also, they were quality in the ring to be honest and their skits with the APA were amazing.

    @seabs I don't know much about Japanese wrestling but I'm sure Yoshi wouldn't be good enough. Especially if his motivation is the same as it is now.
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