Storyline You are all gutless [OPEN TO ALL!]

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  1. [Out steps Will Savat to a barrage of boo's. Savat has been interrupting nearly every superstar as of late to preach that he is the best]

    >Savat: Are you gonna shut up so you can actually understand why I have been coming out and shutting down other IWT superstars?

    [The crowd dies down as Savat goes to explain himself]

    >Savat: Your silence is bliss by the way... So a lot of you seem to dislike that I am shutting off these, 'wrestlers'. You all hate the fact that I have to show my face in every camera there is. You hate that I think I'm the best? Well it has nothing to do with any of that at all.

    You don't understand my reasons because you have all come to expect such poor values from these men and women. Maybe Michael has been booking here for far too long. Maybe I am trying to change something set in stone. But regardless I will still try.

    See these fellow wrestlers. They all live in their own bubbles. These guys will cut their promos and usually turn up for their matches and that is it. That is it. Does that not seem so dull and boring? How can you sit on your ass and just wrestle generic shows for the rest of your life. I call myself the best in the world. You all deny it. But can you say any of these other superstars are the best in the world? Would the best wrestler in the world be sat around doing nothing all the time, or would he be out there actively weaving himself into the fabric of wrestling itself.

    I have had enough of these bubbles. No longer will people just sit at home and write promos. I have had enough of it. It is stale. Each person who expects to make some money of some notepad school kid shit will run into a surprise. It's not that I might show up. It is a fact that I will be there. See IWT is different now. Not because of me being signed. Not because Aids retired. Not even that our resident dickhead booker made himself champion, no. IWT is different now because I have shifted things up. IWT is different to how it was 3 months ago. You can tell. There are more people coming up and there are more shows to wrestle on. And still these people cower and hide.

    You are ungrateful bastards. I am a man build on a code of honor and respect. I am a man who makes himself. I was a top independent star for nearly 6 years. Independent. No one made me Will Savat but me. I didn't get my titles and travel the world from my promos. I certainly didn't get any title shots from doing nothing. I can tell you now that IWT is sick. It is a broken system. Had I of known how broken IWT was I probably wouldn't of signed here.

    [The crowd pops at Savat not signing]

    >Savat: Yeah you can cheer all you want because you are just as ungrateful as the rest of these assholes. Yeah. You like to cheer for the good guys don't you. Well there are no good guys in this company. There is no one else that cares about others and there is no one that cares about you. I am trying to fix IWT. I am using my experience to boost the future of this company into greatness. And what do you do. Spit in my face.

    It's clear you hate me for your own moronic reasons. Maybe your great champion Jack Forte is the best in the world. I don't see him coming out and proving it for you all. Your great champion hasn't even shook my fucking hand. And you want him to be your face. Maybe Al Blizzard should be your fucking champion. He is a great wrestler. Great fucking gimmick Al you nerd!

    Each time one of you cuts your cute little promo. I will be coming out and I will be roasting you like the idiot you are. IWT I will not stop until there is a change. It's high time you idiots grew some fucking guts, got off your ass and started communicating and boosting your images. I have been here for a while and I can safely say you all disgust me. You are all worthless. It doesn't matter what I say about you guys right now, because no one will come out and fight it right? No one has the balls to come out here and say shit to my face. No, instead you add it to your cute little badman promos and then you quickly scurry off back to obscurity.

    I am not Obscure. I am here. I will always be here. So when you think there is no voice. When you think there is no sound. I will come out. And I will unleash the truth. IWT needs change. You all need to start seeking out your fights. You need to make these people love or hate you and it won't happen with promos. Hell, fuck Michael, fuck Gav, Fuck Nick, fuck Al, fuck Corey, fuck Taigaman...

    It won't matter what I come out here and say. You are all too scared to come out and stop me. Isn't that right? Hmmm anyone back there wanna show they are a man then?

    [Savat leans into the ropes starring at the stage]
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  2. Percy reluctantly walks to the ramp with a microphone in his right hand

    Percy: Well, I would show you that I am a man but I think that would be called "public indecency". Ooohhhhhh, you mean show you that I'm a man by fighting. Oh I get it now. But I don't want to fight you. However, I think yer need some anger management sessions. And I don't mean that show with Charlie Sheen. I mean the "help me before I kill all my co workers" anger management. Tha seems to be wound too tightly all the time.

    Percy now walks over to ringside. Grabbing a chair to sit down.

    Percy: You seem to be itching for someone to confront you. And I'm not gonna be that someone, I'll let someone else do that. But I what to know. What exactly are you wanting us "idiots" to do? You say you want us to get off our asses, that's pretty funny now that I'm sat down.
    Are you trying to slag us off or motivate us?

    Anyway, it's time I stop chit chatting with you Mr Savat. Have a nice day.

    Percy hands his microphone to the announcer and walks backstage.
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  3. [Savat stands there perplexed]

    >Savat: Is that what you call a wrestler here? Is that what you pay for people? nice theme by the way, whoever you were.

    [Savat sighs as he wipes his face]

    >Savat: I just don't get it. Guys like that have the opportunity of a life time. And I don't mean coming out and talking to me. I mean they have the limitless opportunity of getting worldwide attention. Maybe this is a dying cause. Maybe IWT is a cancer and always will be. We will see. All I know is that I won't let Michael decide my future. I will take what I want. I will seek you out, I will flay you alive if need be. I am Will Savat. I am a world class wrestler and I am here because I am the best in the world. I am not here to prove it. I am not here to abuse it. I am here to show you why.

    [Savat looks back to the stage double checking that no one wants to come out and stand up for themselves]
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  4. Fuck you too
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  5. (I'm out right now, gimme some time)
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  6. *Corey Marcus comes out, although he's already scheduled to take on Will, he doesn't want Will to be right about him being 'gutless', Corey enters ring, gets mic, music cuts off*

    "Savat I know we already have a scheduled match at Retribution, but if a man is going to come out and stand up to you, why not it be the man you picked a few days ago to face?"

    *Few Cheers to Marcus' surprise, might as well cheer someone*

    "Will, I think you are missing the point here. You are coming out here just screaming like you are yelling into a brick wall to fix all the problems you think IWT has. Since you are part deaf when I talk obviously let me say it again to your face so this all gets through to you. You are a man living in an empty palace you built yourself with every achievement you thought of in your head. Nobody is ever there listening Savat and nobody wants to waste your time with you. The only reason I came out to you a few days ago is because you called me out for a match. If you didn't mention my name at all and just ranted pointlessly for no reason what so ever then I would be sitting back there in that locker room laughing at you as you continued to show what a small blimp you are on this company's radar. Listen I get it, you've been all over the world, you've led companies, you've held your gold, you've met your matches, you claim to have done it all. Picture this, an Artists paints many pictures, shows them, gets a reputation, goes some place new, starts off again as a small dot, paints again, once again gets a reputation, process repeats again again and again. How can this be different than an other company you enter if you are the artist Will? I know you want to be famous here Will, but if you want to be famous, just like how I wanna be famous, you have to walk through the flames all over again."

    *Marcus gets another pop, then he changes his tone*

    "But... You know as well as me it isn't easy Savat, you know there is someone waiting in those flames, me. I'm waiting in those flames to bring you down, trap you, watch you burn up as you have flash backs of your memories from Europe, Asia, the Americas, wherever you have been. You'll realize it was all pointless going there as you reached a dead end. Your self proclaimed Empire has fallen, all your painted pictures burned, and your Glass House in pieces, all because of me, the Bad Omen, your Bad Omen. So might as well start Knowing Hope before it's too late for you."

    *Cheers again, since Savat is running his mouth, people might as well think of Corey as the face here*​
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  7. [Savat's face lights up when he hears Corey's theme]

    >Savat: Whoa, whoa whoa... You got it all wrong here buster. I am not here in IWT seeking fame. I have seen fame, fame is boring. Guys get famous and they get stale so what? Fame is for losers. Fame is for people who need the attention, something to hide their flaws. Problem with fame is that it leaves a standard. When your famous you are in the spot light, you become a role model. Now I aint the one to judge but I don't say I am anymore of a role model than you are. See we are not that far apart. We both like to hurt people so we do it as a living. The only difference between us is that I look incredible during it. See I don't need the fame, nor do I seek it. The person who needs the fame is you. The person getting the fame here is you.

    You are the one who actually musters up the courage to not sit on your ass, to not laugh this horrible way of life off. I don't care if it's because I called you out or what. Atleast you got your sorry ass from back there and made a name for yourself. Again, you will thank me once this makes it to the internet by the way. See you still think you have the power play here. That you can mold me and try to break me, but honestly look around. You cut a little promo, and these people love you. Do you see how the crowd reacts when you stop being such a stroppy little shit. The crowd right now would love for you to come down and punch me in the face and quite frankly, I would love it to. Because then I get to shut your stupid ass up again. Do oyu deny that without me these people would still boo you? Do you deny that I took you off of Vice and put you on a PPV with the MOTN prediction?

    You claim I am the one who wanted fame. Fame will get me nothing. World Class skill though, that will get you far. That gets you about as far as you want to go and trust me Corey Marcus, I am going to go far. I didn't come to IWT just to beat up little boys like you. I came for the big boys. I came for the champions, and no Michael, god no that doesn't mean you wherever you are cutting your little promos... I came here for the gold, the money, and most of all, I came here to hurt people. So I don't care if you are sat in flames or covered in barbwire, I am not going to back down from a fight yet alone be scared of you. You are nothing to me kid. I am not wrestling IWT's best rookie, I am just fighting some punk who gives it all talk. You are the one fighting the best in the world. And at our match we might both have something to prove. I will prove to you all that I am the best. And you will prove that you have guts. Because if you do not turn up and disrespect me like Al Blizzard is, I will find you, and I will hit you with the Neodammerung and I will show you what a humbling feels like.


    >Savat: However, you were right about one thing. Atleast you could understand one of the things I was talking about. I come out here with a mic in my hand and I talk to a brick wall. No one listens to what I say, no one cares. But the thing is I am not talking to these people who bought their tickets. I am talking to those lacing up their boots. I am talking about the other wrestlers. I haven't touched a single person since I came here Corey, do you want to know why?
    It's because once I start enforcing my will, I don't think I will stop. I don't think I will be able to hold back this frustration until I beat one of you idiots from back there into a coma. And I say idiots a lot because I mean it. You are simpletons if you think I am a man of words. I have been very patient Corey Marcus. To you, to them, and to those ****s back there.

    I am not a patient man. I am a fighter. My patience is drawing thin and my fists are getting tighter. You may of heard of me, but you have never faced me before kid. The world of pain I can drop you in a moments notice, do you think you are prepared for that? Do you think you will be able to walk in, and out of our match un-scarred?

    See I don't need an empire to beat you. You can bring all your bad omens but I will drop them like I will drop you. Bring all your bad omens because without them you will never beat my world class skill.

    [Savat licks his lips as he lowers his mic]
  8. *Corey is looking pretty serious*

    "So let me get this straight, you say you aren't here for fame, and then you talk about how you are gonna come after Micheal and become the man embracing glory as he did in other promotions? World Class.... Fame hell it all sounds the same to me. Just like how you sound like every other man I've come across before I came here. I'm not afraid of you Savat, and I'm not afraid to walk away from Retribution with a few new scars on my body. I'll wear those scars proud, even if bad shit happens, those mistakes I'll be proud to wear. But it's no secret that you'll be walking away with scars too Will. I've been to random worlds of pain in the past and some have gotten the better of me, what makes you think this trip is going to be any different than any other place I have been in the past? I've seen worlds of pain Savat, maybe we've been to some of the same, there is only one difference between the worlds I've been to and the ones you've been to, mine were real."

    *Marcus pauses*

    "Now listen, I really give no fucks about a crowd, but if they wanna join me and embrace the fact I can teach them all how to know hope then please be my guest, cheer me then."


    "Now I will admit one thing, I do look mad ugly when I administer a lesson to a poor soul unlike you. But at least I will always get the job done correctly. I don't have to look incredible, I just have to look like a vicious animal who wants to rip a man apart."

    "Now I just realized something that you pointed out, no one has in fact layed a finger on you yet here hasn't they? Let's change that fact... why don't we prove the animal I am over you right now?"

    *drops mic and takes shirt off, crowd wants to see a fight*​
  9. [​IMG]
    [Savat facepalms]

    >Savat: Who are we to rob these people of the match of the night. As much as I would like to slap you about, I still need to make sure you will be fit for IWT Redemption. Afterall, I can't have another opponent have to withdraw from competition now. Rather than ripping all your shirts off why don't you cool down by giving a beating to people like Al Blizzard or Reagan Cole. I will be there at Redemption, don't worry. You don't have to prove you are an animal to me, only a beast removes it shirt by destroying it.

    [Savat pops himself at his joke]

    >Savat: Lighten up. Now isn't the time to fight. You will know when it is fight time. The jokes, the talk, the hype. It will mean nothing then. Remember that. When it is you and me, it isn't gimmicks, it isn't titles. It is the better man. And Corey Marcus, I am Will Savat and I am the best. At IWT Redemption, you can carry on being a beast but I will continue to be the best. See you there champ.

    [Savat climbs out the ropes and marches past Corey]
  10. Dylan Gray appears at the top of the ramp waiting for Savat.

    Gray: "Wow, wow, wow wait a minute, last night you interrupted me, you made me look like a fool, I offered you a fight, you rejected, Corey over there offered you a fight, you rejected, so what's with it, Savat? Are you afraid? Are you scared of the thought of being shown up?"

    Dylan marches down to the bottom of the ramp.

    Gray: "I think everyone is getting a little sick of this turning into the Will Savat Show, and after Corey Marcus kicks your ass at IWT Retribution, i'm going to kick your ass, and then hiss ass, actually, why wait till then to kick your ass, i'll kick your ass right now, i'll offer you again, Savat, if you want a fight, come at me....."

    Gray takes his shirt off a waits for a response.
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  11. *Corey watches this from the ring, now growing an interest in Dylan Grey as well*
  12. Reagan is seen sitting in a chair in the crowd, next to a fat guy and a kid with a British Kid T-shirt on, waiting for Michael Long to come out and announce a tag team match, Playa!
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  13. @Tsar ^^^^^ Tag Match = Ratings
  14. I'm confused as to who hates who. lol.
  15. just put the heels together to face the face & tweener, easy
  16. Corey Marcus & Dylan Grey vs. Will Savat & Percy Donohue?
  17. I got beat by Ryan Davis is my partner. :hhh2:
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  18. Actually I was thinking Corey Marcus and Reagan Cole vs. Will Savat and Dylan Grey

    Or Corey and Will vs. Grey and Cole
    I though opponents teaming up would be more dramatic
  19. Corey Marcus and Will Savat vs. Dylan Grey and Reagan Cole, the teams being the guys who are feuding with each other sounds good
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