Storyline You are King Zero

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  1. The lights start to glitch, some overheat and spark. King Zero makes his way down to the ring, but right behind him is another King Zero, followed by another, until seven of them have entered the ring, with different body types, but the same masked attire.

    I asked for one simple thing. A match with Alias Antonio, instead i get the run around and I'm expected to expend my energy on a fool like Nick. Then I told you if the next man who stepped in the ring with me wasn't him, you were going to pay and now you will.

    So here's how this is going to go...

    The Zeroes start taking off their masks to reveal Dat Kid, BK Scorpion, George, Incognito, Britanica, Airbourne. The one speaking keeps his mask on. The group starts attacking commentary.

    We're going to pick off your employees, until I get what I want.

    The Zeroes prop up the announcer to the apron, handing him to Incognito, who chokeslams him from the apron into the announce table, collapsing it. Scorpion throws a chair in the ring for King Zero to sit and soon they all run to the backstage area. Employees start running away, the ones who don't make it are quickly taken down.

    King Zero waits in the ring patiently for @Tsar .
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  2. Michael walks out immediately. He swiftly walks down to the ring-side area. He throws off, his jackets and shirt. He angrily grabs the microphone from a ring-side assistant. He glares at Zero, with a deep hatred.

    Michael: Kid...if you touch another one of my fucking employees...i'll beat you senseless and drag your carcass to prison, with my bare hands. You've lost your damn mind. You've gone insane. This little gig, you're pulling, will not get you anywhere near your goals. You've lost to Alias Antonio, time and time again. You lost to him, 2 months ago. Then you lose to Nick, just earlier tonight. You aren't going to get your match. Not unless you stop acting so retarded. Get your act together.

    Michael grabs a chair, and slides it into the ring. He sets it up, and sits faces to face with King Zero.

    Michael: I hate to see my employees go insane. I really do. So I'll tell you this. I'm willing to give you, your FINAL chance at Alias Antonio. Under one-condition. You run a gauntlet. If you beat, will get your match. But if you lose, any of them, you will NEVER get a shot at Alias Antonio, again.
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  3. You want me tear down the IWT superstar by superstar? Fine, that is on you. Just know that you have condemned each and every one your superstars and this company. When I put an end to the IWT roster, you're going to have to come out and explain to each and every one of these children and you're going to have to explain to them what YOU did! Not me!

    When Gav, Prince Balor, Aids Johnson, Jack Forte, and Frank The Jock are lying motionless, YOU'RE going to be the one to tell them that you killed their heroes, because you let your pride get in the way of common sense. Common sense that I can not be truly beaten, because as long as there is a man or woman who fights for a dead empire, there will always be a King Zero!

    King Zero removes his bandana to reveal that he is Roadster, but quickly kicks Micheal and his chair falls over. Dat Kid slides in the ring with Britanica, they hold Micheal down. Roadster slips the chair on Micheal's leg. Roadster feigns stomping on the chair, but laughs without stepping, then exits the ring with the rest of The Zeroes.

    They walk up the ramp, taking their time, letting Micheal watch as they leave.
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  4. I'll no sell u quicker than FTJ no sells his IQ pal
  5. Michael looks around in horror. He jumps to his feet and grabs the microphone.

    Michael: Kid, listen here! I don't know what you're doing, and why you're doing it. But I'm not gonna deal with this shit. If you want your match, you'll get it over my cold, hard, dead body! That's right. You vs. Me. One last time. If you win, you get your match with Alias Antonio at IWTMania IV! But if you and your friends will be one with the dirt, six-feet under. You all will be disposed of. You all will be sent to the fiery pits of hell. You all will face your maker, and answer your judgment.

    Michael: This is my final proposition, and if you don't agree. You'll NEVER get your match with Alias Antonio, EVER again.

    Michael catches his breath in the corner and awaits The Zeroes.
  6. The Zeroes stop at the stage. Dat Kid turns around.

    You want to bury me six feet under? Don't you know? When this place existed, I buried pieces of crap like you on a daily basis. In fact, let's up the ante even more, because I don't trust you Micheal, just because you're probably a backstabbing GM like the rest of them. I'm going to make sure you don't get the opportunity to change your mind.

    Because if it's me you want to fight, it's going to be a buried alive match.

    The Zeroes are all smiling at Micheal.
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  7. Michael looks around in confusion. He strokes his chin before pacing, in the ring.

    Michael: Dat Kid, you've tried, time and time again to keep me down. You tried to suppress my momentum, last year. You've done any and everything to bury me, and sadly...your efforts went to vain. I started as the man, you attempted to bury - to the man signing every paycheck at the end of the week. I may not have a hall of fame career, but i'd be damned to attribute that to you. You want to bury me? You want to keep me away? Again?

    Michael grows angrier and angrier. He looks around.

    Michael: You've got it, Kid. Just remember this, that grave won't just contain your corpse, and the carcasses of each of every one of the Zeroes. But it will also conceal your legacy, your opportunity, your career and most importantly...your life.

    Michael lets out a demonic laugh.

    Michael: ...Jesus wept.

    Michael begins to laugh hysterically. He steps out of the ring and walks into the crowd, slowly strolling away.