Storyline You Are Nothing

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  1. The camera zooms out of Ryan's red tinted sunglasses as a heavy instrumental beat begins. Ryan smirks as he looks at the camera before beginning...

    Jeff: Are you going to starting rapping or something?

    Ryan takes off his sunglasses as he turns the music off.

    Ryan: No.

    There's about 10 seconds of silence before Ryan begins to speak.

    Ryan: So Nick, I watched your video and one of the biggest things that irritated me was that you think you're right. Now this might be a hard pill to swallow for you, well not really considering what you do when not working.

    Jeff: Whoa man! Not cool!

    Ryan: What?

    Jeff: Homosexual jokes? That's a bit over the line don't you think?

    Ryan begins pacing in and out of frame angrily.

    Ryan: W-What? I was saying that because of his obsession with "schooling" me. He's probably a school teacher for little 9 year olds an---

    Jeff: Stop! Pedophile jokes? Really dude?

    Ryan facepalms.

    Ryan: ... he's probably a school teacher for 9 year olds and is the reason why this generation is so uneducated due to how wrong he is about everything. Nick, this will be a hard pill to swallow, but I couldn't care any less about what you have done here. I don't need to do research because this company didn't exist before I stepped into the ring. You want to talk about being a World champion, yet say I shouldn't even speak about challenging for the title? You of all people should be vouching for me to win the championship because that's the only way that'll even validate your run with it. You list all of these accomplishments like reviving the X-Division, winning the Money In The Bank, main eventing a Pay-Per-View, but claim to be the next face of the company? Shouldn't you have been that if anyone cared about you?

    Ryan pauses for a moment.

    Ryan: The character has stopped, no over the top actions, this is Ryan Davis, the man talking to Nick. You can yell out your accomplishments all you want buddy, but the fact that you're facing a guy who's only had one match speaks volumes to what your career is, no matter how fabulous you like to make your past look. What our match will be is you trying to prove to yourself that you still got "it" that you should still be cared about, that you're still worth something and living in the peak of your career. While you're in your own head in our match, I'm going to capitalize because that's what I do best. I have an obstacle and I overcome it simply because I can. I had the pressure of having my debut match at IWT's biggest show of the year and I not only won my match, but I won it with flying fucking colors. You are just another obstacle and I'm going to ram through you, not because I don't think you're good, but because I know that you're now just a shell of something that was.

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