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  1. *The lights slowly begin to dim until they completely fade out, and purple strobe lights start to emit from the stage as the song comes into play throughout the arena's P.A System. White smoke cloaks the entire entrance way and after 26 seconds have passed Drake emerges from the smoke gazing at the negative crowd. A lone spotlight shines upon him, but he does nothing. He's seen wearing casual clothes, and his beard to appears to be more thicker than usual. Wolfe slowly begins to walk down the ramp, with a look of angst. He climbs up the set of steps on the right, and enters the ring. Drake doesn't pay attention to the crowd at all and grabs a microphone.*
    It was just a couple nights ago that I was on the cusp of having it all, a Main Event slot at the IWT's WrestleMania, competing for the World Heavyweight Championship. But right when I was about to capture that it was all taken, taken from me right before my very eyes! By a man who shouldn't even be walking throughout this arena right now, Midas. A man who's career should be over right now, all done by my hands! And now he's back here, walking around claiming he's still a King. Please. Get over yourself, Midas.

    *Drake pauses for a couple of moments before continuing.*

    Needless to say, you took everything I have been building away from me! You did this... and I don't even know why. I was doing you a favor, and this is how you repay me!? Nah nah, I get it. You did this to get a rise out of me, I see that. You asked for this Midas, and I'm going to indulge you. You're going to face me at the grandest stage of them all, and when that day comes you can believe that what I did to you back in January pales in comparison to what I am going to do to you come WrestleMania! I'm going to end you... once and for all.
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  2. The titantron comes alive and we see King Midas sitting in a staircase backstage. He looks up into the camera with a wicked smile on his face.

    First of Drake, if you are going to address me, address me properly as King Midas. Just as I will address you properly by bestowing the title of Rat on you from now on. Secondly Drake the Rat: You would know about taking everything from someone wouldn't you? I seem to remember the two of us having a nice little venture going, but like a greedy little dragon you had to push me off of the mountain of gold just so you could have it for yourself. So consider what I did to you in the chamber fair play.

    As for your Wrestlemania challenge, consider it accepted. But as is usual when it comes to the two of us you only have a basic idea, and need someone like me to truly make it great. We're not just having one match Drake the Rat, we're having 5. Starting at Wrestlemania I'm taking you on a guided tour of five circles of hell. We'll start of at Wrestlemania, one on one, then go on to the next show for an Extreme Rules match, then a Last Man Standing match at the next one, followed by an iron man match and then finally: We pay the devil's favorite structure a visit as we go into the hell in a cell! Five matches Drake! Five matches in which I will systematically take you apart piece by piece and make you pay for all that you cost me a thousand times over! And only when you lay battered and broken looking up at the roof of the cell will I allow you to finally close your eyes and die.

    King Midas stands up and spreads his arm.

    You signed a check you couldn't cash when you stabbed me in the back man. You made me into something you cannot comprehend or contain. Gone is the moneymaker and standing in his place, is Pro Wrestling Undead, the Lich King of Sports Entertainment. How will you end someone, some thing.....That refuses to stay down Drake the Rat? How?

    I'll see you at Mania...Unless you've grown a pair of balls since your little betrayal and want to do this right here and now? I'm waiting right here you son of a bitch!
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  3. You're completely delusional, Midas. I must have knocked a couple of screws lose, or maybe I was the only thing keeping you from jumping from the brink of sanity. Either way, my mind has been made up about all of this. I am NOT going to accept your conditions, you fraud. Simply because once I am done with you at WrestleMania there will be NOTHING left of you to compete against me!

    *Drake let's the negative crowd sink in before walking forward, and leans on the ropes.*

    You don't seem to get the fact that I was doing you a favor, I gave you a chance to ride off into the sunset of retirement. I gave you a chance to leave this place with an everlasting legacy, even though it'd be pretty bare considering you spent most of your career on the bottom! Getting passed up by the next big star of this company, the stars you claim to have made because their stardom just so happened to happen after they stepped in the ring with you. You've always been the standard-bearer of this company, and you're complacent with it. I, on the other hand, have always wanted more. And that's why I dropped you, you were nothing but dead weight to me! Now it's time for me to be the next posterboy for this company, and if I have to go through you to prove that then so be it.

    *Wolfe step off the ropes and starts to pace*

    I'd go ahead and cut it short by just dropping you again as you've asked, but that's kindof hard to do when you weren't even man enough to meet me in the ring. Nice try though. It doesn't matter, today, tomorrow, or at WrestleMania the outcome will always be the same. You on the bottom, like the peasant you've always have been. There's only room for one King in this place, and that's me.
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  4. Drake looks like he's about to continue his tirade when his microphone suddenly cuts out. Drake bats his hand on the microphone to see if it works when the lights suddenly cut out as well. We hear some sort of commotion in the ring and when the lights come back on Drake is standing in the middle of the ring...covered in what looks like blood.

    Drake has a shocked expression on his face as he is trying to cope with what has happened, how did the blood get there? who poured it on him? How did King Midas do this?

    The titantron comes back on and we see the same staircase that King Midas was sitting in earlier sans King Midas. Text then appears on the tron.

    You will fight me on my terms.

    Because despite all your planning and scheming.

    I am always one step ahead.

    So spoketh the true king.
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  5. What will happen the next time the lights go out during a segment? Find out next time, same IWT time, same IWT channel.