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  1. *Darkness fills the arena as the man walks up onto the screen in his command point, he talks in his deep voice changed voice*

    ??: Lady minions and gentlemen minions, I have shown you my command point, I have extracted my plans into your clueless minds and taken severe actions against the former champion, behind me you can see the title on full lockdown in my undisclosed location, Jonathan and B Dazzle may be trying their hardest to regain what they claim to be "their" title even though you all seem to forget, this is MY WORLD and in my world I chose my locations wisely and you will never find it, back to my ownership of this world. Denying it and ignoring it just makes me mad, you don't like me when im mad. People get hurt when im mad. After explaining myself and giving just the smallest bit of insight into my plans so I don't melt your mediocre minds that couldn't handle this, you all still claim me to be a coward hiding behind a mask, *Laughs*, I find it amusing, you have asked for the unmasking, enjoy it.

    *??? shoots the camera*

    *A spotlight focusses on the stage, ?? walks on stage, he walks in a hoodie and jeans covering most of his face, the gas mask outline can be seen, the spotlight follows him with his hands in his pockets, he has a mic hookup*

    Is this what you all want? See the face of your lord? The man who decides your fate? It is a dangerous sight to see and you are warned.

    *??? starts to pull off the gas mask before revealing what is under it, the crowd boos as they see this: [​IMG]*

    I am faceless, the lord never reveals himself to his minions, you are not worthy of seeing the faceless lord.

    B Dazzle, you have 2 options when its comes to your title, you can either walk out here, bow to your lord and hand over a name plate for MY title or I can just beat it out of you. Your move, but beware its a limited offer.

    *??? tilts his head to the side as the theme hits, he snaps his fingers and the lights go out, after 10 seconds they turn back on to an empty ring*​
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  2. ??????: This dude slow, 10 seconds? :gtfo:
  3. The camera!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :upset:
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  4. OOC lol dude has bought 4 titles by now. I still love the Crowe angle. Please, stick with it, it's been awesome.
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  5. It is pretty damn good. Glad I could be the first to face it.
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  6. LMFAO what a fucking rip off.