Storyline You Can't Put Me Down

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  1. *Jack Lux walks down the ramp, bandaged up after the beating that he suffered at the hand of Braeden Cross. He slowly gets into ring with a microphone in hand*

    Jack Lux: *slowly* Hahaha, I come here beaten to all hell, to tell all of you and Braeden Cross as well that I'm still here BAYBAY! Cross you may beat me down, but you should damn sure know that I'll get back up, and fighting too. That's why I love I quit matches, it takes both competitors to their limits, and unfortunately for you, Braeden, I have no limits. That's why I have all of my accomplishments, that's why I'm undeafeted in I quit matches, and that's why you'll always be jealous of me. I want all of you in the crowd and at home watching on TV to think about it, Braeden Cross has said that I've *makes air quotation motion with hands* "big leaguing"
    him. Wheather he says that I said that I insulted him or I said he can't be in a tag team match with me, it doesn't matter, because first off they're lies and secondly I'm one of the most humble people backstage. You could a rookie and I'd treat like I would a legend, but back to my main point... Braeden Cross the reason that you hate me is because you know that you'll never come close to achieving as many accomplishments as I have, nor respect that command. That's why you're jealous of me...

    *The crowd interupts Jack Lux chanting "Braeden is jealous."*

    Jack Lux: And come next Sunday, I'm going to beat some more jealousy into you when I not beat within an inch of your fucking life, but I make scream the words I quit, and trust me I will do it in whatever way I have to. In fact... I have some video clips of my best moments in I quit matches.

    *Jack Lux motions to someone to roll the footage. Various clips of wrestler getting beaten by Jack Lux until they say I quit.*

    Jack Lux: Honestly, how is Braeden Cross going to compete with that? I fucking curb stomped someone onto broken shards of glass... Twice! Look, Look, Look, it doesn't matter how I make Braeden Cross say I quit, all that matters is that I am going to make Braeden Cross say I quit. So Braeden... Hide your kid, hide your wife *Chuckles* if you have any, cause I'm coming for you.

    *Lux is about to leave the ring we he stops to get back in*

    Jack Lux: Actually, Braeden why don't you come on out here. Don't beat me up though, because you'll just be making it wrose on yourself next Sunday, plus I can guarantee you that I'll fight back this time.


  2. Boos erupt in the arena as Braeden Cross walks out through the crowd to no music.
    Cross stares right at Lux from his position in the crowd.

    Braeden Cross: Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack.... You just don't get it do you? You can spout all the bullshit about you being the most humble **** in the world, but it will be just that. Bullshit. You see, I don't forget, nor do I forgive. And what I did to you was just a big fucking teaser for May 9th at Survival.
    Cross begins to move through the crowd while still talking.
    Braeden Cross: Jack, you need to find out exactly what I'm capable of. I've seen every one of your deathmatches, every one of your I Quit matches, I've seen everything you can do with weapons. But as I've said before, there's a difference between knowing what your opponent is capable of and giving the slightest fuck about said skills. You seem to be under the impression that I fear what you can do in that ring. I do not. I show NO FEAR. CERO MIEDO DE MIERDA! I didn't get where I am by showing fear to ANYBODY, Jack. Much less washed up never was "rasslers" such as yourself.
    Cross jumps the barricade and enters the ring.
    He comes face to face with Jack Lux.

    Braeden Cross: We both made this personal, Lux. But what I did to your beaten down, scarred to shit, bruised, lopsided excuse for a face, is NOTHING compared to what's going to happen on May 9th. I guaran-damn-tee that you will be screaming for your mother. I guarantee that you will be screaming for your father, I guarantee that you'll be screaming for your girlfriend, I DEFINITELY guarantee that you'll be screaming for your children....
    Cross gets right in Lux's face
    Braeden Cross: and I promise... That you will SCREAM the words "I...... Quit....."
    Cross backs off, not breaking eye-contact with Lux
  3. *Jack Lux laughs and begins to pace in circles around Braeden Cross.*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, you want talk about how what did to me last week was a teaser. Well then let's release the trailer for our little movie. And being that in todays times, movie trailers spoil everything, so I think I'm going to do just that. Let's set the scene... you and I are in the ring after this brutal match, we've gone through tables, ladders. We've fought in the crowd and backstage, but now we're in the ring both bloody, however you are canvas of the ring and me I'm standing over you with my hand being raised in the air, and named the winner because you said I... QUIT!

    *The crowd starts chanting "Lux is going to kill you" over and over again. While this is happening Lux stops pacing and stares right into Braeden Cross eyes.*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, you say that you have no fears. Well let me tell you something brother, I will make sure I beat you so badly that you'll fear me, I'll make sure I beat you so bad that I will literally scared the shit out of you when we're in the same room together. The funny thing is, this match, our match is happening on my fucking birthday.

    *Lux looks to the crowd with the biggest smile*

    Yeah that right, on my birthday. and trust me when I say this, It going to be a party.

    *Lux looks back to Cross*

    First I get to beat your candied ass, and then I get some nice birthday sex from my girl... The perfect day for the best wrestler in the world. So Braeden keep watch my Hardcore or I quit or whatever ever match you want, it doesn't mean shit cause I'm still going to beat you.

    *Jack Lux waits for Braeden's response*
  4. OOC: I'm really proud of the effort put in, to hype this match. Good job.
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  5. Thanks man I appreciate it. Rydogg and I want to put on the IWT's feud of the year.
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  6. Indeed we do, CBK, I'll post my response when I get home from uni
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  7. Okay, sounds good.
  8. Have this kind of build, some interesting angles and good matches. You'll be on your way. Has the potential to be IWT's new Dat Kid vs. Alias Antonio.
  9. Cross is standing eye to eye with Jack Lux. Listening intently to what Lux is saying.
    He cracks a smile when Lux mentions his birthday.

    Braeden Cross: You know, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when I'm done making you scream "I quit" you won't be in any position to have any form of birthday celebrations. You still seem to be under the delusion that I break easily. I can assure you that I don't. You go back to watch all of my I quit and death matches, you see me take a fucking beating! But do I give up? Fuck no!
    The crowd cheers and chants "this is fucking awesome" at both Lux and Cross.
    Braeden Cross: You know, everything you've said tonight has had one glaring message, and that is "You can't put me down." I can tell you this, I can put you down and I will make sure you're in no condition to ever compete again. And believe me, Jacky-boy. I will not stop when you scream the words "I Quit!" I'll make sure you scream things like "I'm sorry I failed you!" "You're better than me!" "That's my arm you just broke!" "Why are you doing this?!" and my personal favourite "End my worthless career!" But then again, given the bad blood between you and me, I won't stop until you lose consciousness, I won't stop until you stop breathing, the only way I will stop is when your heart finally stops beating. You've seen how determined I can be Jack, you know exactly what I'm capable of. When you're left in a bloody, lifeless heap, then and only then will I be satisfied with ALL of this.
    The crowd boos.
    Braeden Cross: This is a new era, Jack. And despite you winning the young lions cup at IWTMania, you don't have a place in this era. I will personally see to it that you're sitting at home, wheelchair bound, sipping steaks through a fucking straw, not even able to go to the fucking bathroom by yourself. I will end your active life and leave you as a vegetable and will take personal pride in this as I ascend to the top of IWT.
    Cross walks right up to Lux and they begin trash talking eachother.
    Cross raises the mic to his mouth.

    Braeden Cross: After all, I am your number one fan.
    Cross lowers his mic and shoulder bumps Lux on his way out of the ring.
    Cross stops halfway up the ramp and looks back at Lux, as if he's waiting for Lux to respond.
  10. *Lux follows Braeden Cross out of the ring, but stops in front of the ring*

    Jack Lux: Those are some pretty bold claims you're making, Braeden. I can have birthday sex in which ever condition I want to have birthday sex in, buy I digress. Braeden, I find it funny that you think that you can beat let alone make me yell all that bullshit. You'll be far too busy yelling things like "Please don't hurt me, you're still my favorite wrestler!" and "No, no, no, not another rib!" and my favorite "I'm your bitch and I quit!" That last one you're going yell at the end of the match by the way.

    *The crowd begin to chant " Braeden is going to quit" repeatedly, before Lux begins to speak again.*

    Jack Lux: I also heard you say something about you being able to take a beat and still not quit... that's good, I like a challenge, but this time is different. Because you're facing me, and don't care how I have to do it and don't care how long it is, I'll make you quit.

    *Jack Lux begins to take steps closer to Braeden Cross*

    Jack Lux: And Braeden, first off you're wrong... Alexander whatever-the-fuck-his-last-name-was won the Young Lion Cup. However you are one thing this is a new era... The Jack Lux era!

    *Jack Lux suddenly lunges at Braeden Cross, and starts to hitting Cross on the head with the microphone. He gets up and drags Cross right in front of the ring, and exposes the concrete floor that's under the padding. Then Lux picks Cross up and hits Bad Lux. Lux walks over to the microphone and then back to Cross*

    Jack Lux: Just like you said "An eye for an eye... motherfucker."

    *Lux walk up the ramp to his music while playing up to the crowd.*
  11. OOC: fuck! Totally forgot Lux didn't win the YL cup
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