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  1. "You Didn't Choose This..."

    The scene begins in what looks to be an old boiler room. Stone pillars are spread around the room, each cracked and worn. Rusted pipes are places all along the ceiling, with a couple of them dripping water onto the concrete floor. Each drop echoes throughout the room. Near the back, water boilers and a furnace are placed. They look to be beyond repair. The camera looks around to see, in the corners of the room, old televisions are hung and they look to be struggling to keep their signal. But, it can be seen that they are playing various matches and logos relating to IWT. Matches featuring Bullad Club members, old promos, to even their logo. Mixed in is footage from Ivy Hale, as well as other IWT names like Guernica, IW3, Jack Forté, Luis Ovaldinho and Lord Lee, Virtue, and others that have left like Victoria Parker, Reagan Cole, and much more. Eventually, the camera finally settles on a figure sitting in the middle of the room on the floor. They seem to be wearing a long black dress and a jacket with a hood over their head. They speak with their familiar voice that has been etched in the heads of IWT fans for the past number of months. It’s Ivy Hale.

    “Didn’t I ever tell you how disgusted I am of this place? I don’t mean this room, I mean IWT. Because you don’t need to look far to see that someone like me doesn’t belong here. That doesn’t bother me. I prefer to be on my own. But no matter what, everyone seems to be the same. Whether they be an old star looking to keep claim to what you once have, someone who is new, looking to make a name for themselves, or somewhere in the middle, you’re all the same. You desire the same things. The same meaningless things amuse you, while you are unable to comprehend the things I see beauty in. Then over time, you all fill these same roles. This company is sick and only I have the capabilities of fixing it.”

    She slowly turns toward the camera and the room’s light creates a shadow over her face. “Whether your name is Aids Johnson, Tyson Storm, Danny Jacobs, or Scott Fargo, I always hear the same things over and over and over! Under different names such as Bullad, IW3, FAW, IWT, even that place people talk about NGW, it's all the same. From proclaiming you’ll earn a championship, prove that you’re the best, taking power away from someone, or that you will usher in a new era, common themes are heard. Symbols of ambition, hubris, status, and greed consume everyone here. But am I really a bad person for having a different moral code?”

    “I just see the world for what it is. A place where we all have our fears and insecurities. While people may have dreams, I don’t believe that they are devices on their own. But rather they are a cognition created to cope with fear. Of all the choices we make in life, we don’t get to choose our nightmares, what we fear. We don’t pick them; they pick us. I’ve concurred my nightmares. It left scars, but I rule over fear. Nobody else in IWT understands that. They instead are amused with doing the same things over and over again and calling it different. Don’t believe me?”

    Removing her hood to show her long red locks, she strokes her hands through her hair and looks up.

    “There was once a time in IWT where some young wrestlers, looking to make a name for themselves, joined together in an act of brotherhood to show that they are the “elite” and take this place to its knees to rebuild it in their own vision. That is not the Bullad Club or IW3. This has happened long before I even stepped foot in IWT. Not to mention, I’ve heard tales of others banding together elsewhere to spread their own message and gain power. It’s a common occurrence. Then you have those who see this and try to rise against it as a hero. Sometimes others band together against them to do the same. It doesn’t matter what you try to do to change and re-brand it. Whether it is a club, a claim to cure, an order, something “fucking awesome” or a revolution, it’s the same concept. I mean, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result, so maybe I’m not the only insane one?”

    She gives a cold laugh. “Probably, but Ivy Hale is on a completely different level, hahaha. But that is part of the reason why I say this whole “new era” is phony. Whether or not they hate to admit it, they aren’t offering a true alternative. When you have the same mentalities with a different person, history is doomed to repeat itself. IWT is trapped in a vicious cycle. You see it in the outside world now and it’s the same for IWT. IWT’s sick, and there is only one person who can put it out of its misery…me!”

    Turning her attention towards one of the corners of the room where televisions are playing, the images change to solely Bullad Club related images. From its four members, and their accomplishments and failures, to the logo itself, this is obviously pointing out who her message is directed towards. “To help IWT realize it needs to change is to take one of their precious championships away, with all its symbols for power, status, accomplishment…and dreams…and render them obsolete. I have to show how foolish they have been for living the way they have. I would like to thank you, Scott Fargo. You so blindly gave me this opportunity, because now I have a chance to bring true change to IWT. At Dragon Rising, I’m going to break this cycle IWT has been stuck in. I’m going to heal this company of its sickness. Scott Fargo is going to lose IWT Universal Championship and that, along with all the dreams IWT holds near to them, will be turned into Ivy Hale’s personal nightmare. I don’t care if you’re a hero or a villain, the effort is futile.”

    She gets off the floor and starts to walk towards an iron door in the corner. She grabs the handle and stops. “You can’t stop the nightmare from coming, you don’t pick your fear; it chooses you.” She opens the door and walks through it, slamming it shut with a loud thud as the camera cuts out.
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