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  1. The camera opens to Adam Burke standing with an interviewer, the interviewer introduces Burke to the crowd as he stares at the monitor behind him. It shows the graphic for IWT Anarchy: Nick Vs Adam II

    Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen we are mere days away from IWT Anarchy where we will see Nick take on my current guest, Adam Burke.

    Burke steps forward and takes the mic

    Adam: Can we skip the pleasantries? Its nice to meet you but I'd rather speak directly to Nick.

    Nick, in a mere few days IWT Anarchy begins. Titles defended. Grudges settled. But us, we're not like that. This isn't a grudge match, there's nothing on the line. We're both here to prove ourselves, we've been around a long time and while you skyrocketed to the top and into success, I dropped into hell and I came out with fire in my eyes. We've both fallen on hard times and this match is to prove we can get right through it.

    You're backing down at the first sign of defeat but you are long from done in the IWT, we're both here to prove we can hang with the best and we're both here to get that title shot so I beg of you Nick. Step up and show me what you've got, prove to me and prove to them why you deserve your title back.

    We've made wrestling great again, we've made IWT great again.... Now its time to make Nick great again.
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