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    My name is ragreynolds. I am a published author, YouTuber, martial artist, forum owner, businessman, cult leader, steak enthusiast, and eyebrow raiser. My interests include fine dining & perfect timing.
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  2. Gif approved. Welcome!
    So uhhh...I checked out your YouTube, what's the channel about mainly? :lol1:
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  3. Well, I originally uploaded stupid sketch videos, which I came to hate and cringe at. Then I went through a stupid phase of having 5 different channels. Each channel was for something different - gaming, sketches, vlogs, live shows, and MMA. Eventually I realised how crap my content was, and how stupid I was being, so I scrapped it all and started fresh on my original, and main channel: ragreynolds.

    Currently, the channel has a wide variety of content.

    Weird dance videos:

    Story videos:

    Opinion/advice videos:

    Weird sketch type videos:


    And much, much more. I'm planning on adding a lot of gaming videos to my channel very soon, so if you're interested in anything I've mentioned, stay tuned for more :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    EDIT: My post looked very beautiful before I posted. Then all the videos embedded and now I want to cry. I'm too lazy to fix it, so I apologise.
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  4. Not impressed, but welcome.
  5. What games?
  6. Not really trying to impress, and I don't care if you aren't, but thank you anyway.

    Not too sure yet. Probably a mixture of different games, since I play pretty much anything and everything. If anything was specifically requested by anyone, I'd certainly look into it.
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  7. Don't mind the trolls lol.

    And I like wrestling reviews if you decide to do that.
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  8. Welcome dude
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  9. Welcome to WWEF. Hope your enjoy your stay.
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