Storyline You just haven't earned it yet, baby

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  1. The cameraman enters the ladies locker room to find Rita fixing her hair in the mirror, she turns to face the camera suddenly.

    'Finally.' She mutters at the cameraman.
    'I hear that the ex GM had some words about the champions of IWT. How we didn't go around to challenge the rest of the roster and how he thinks that now he and his little buddy Marcus are back together that they're actually going to be a threat to us.' Rita laughs coldly.
    'I am a champion for a reason Trip… because I'm one of the best this place has to offer. You want to know the reason I didn't challenge anybody for my title? Because none of you are worthy of it. It's that simple. This roster has been chocked full to the brim of time wasters and losers for the last few months and what did you do about it? Nothing. Yet you expect me to spend my precious time chasing down people to compete against?'

    Rita paces angrily, running a hand over her face. She turns back to face the camera once she has composed herself.

    'You' she forcefully points down the camera 'Trip, failed IWT. You let it crumble and fall. But you're not man enough to admit that, are you? So you project and ultimately, you pin the blame on others. If people wanted to challenge me, they were more than welcome- all they had to do was ask. But they couldn't be bothered, just like you couldn't be bothered to run the company efficiently. And if you think that you're going to get even remotely close to my championship you're wrong. Because like the rest of this roster, you just haven't earned it yet.'

    Rita grabs her gym bag and leaves the locker room. The cameraman quickly follows her out onto the corridor.
    'Do not follow me.'
    The cameraman stands stationary, watching Rita turn down one of the corridors and disappear.

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    Based on the promo from @Trip in the Head earlier and just a general promo kind of thing.

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  2. Ooc: dayum lol. Way to roll with it though.
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