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  1. *The scene opens up with a cameraman focusing on a house, a normal looking one at that, surrounded by other houses and a park opposite it, but weirdly enough, there's something eerie about the house, something intangible. The silence breaks though once a car door is heard open, Alias Antonio's car door. The camera starts zooming in on Alias Antonio, who walks out. Alias is sporting some denim jeans and a white tank top, sunglasses covering his eyes but soon spots the cameraman and Carson The Interviewer standing not too far from his house. He stares at them, then smiles and signals something.*

    You guys got here earlier than expected, huh? Anyway, welcome to my crib IWT.

    *Alias locks the car and grabs the house keys from his pocket, opening the main door and leading Carson and the cameraman in. Alias is last to enter, but before he does, he stops and looks around, as if something strange is in his surroundings, but after seconds, he shrugs it off and enters anyway. The scene opens back up in the living room, where Alias is stood up in his living room, staring at Carson and the cameraman*

    Take a seat guys, get comfortable. Just tell me if you want a drink or whatever, actually. Just serve yourselves if you're thirsty. I've been told this is for the IWT Magazine or Network right?

    *Carson nods*

    Alright alright cool. So just a normal interview then?

    *Carson nods again*

    Should be easy then. Get the cameras rolling. I'll intro this.

    *The cameras start rolling focusing on Alias standing up.*

    What is up guys, IWT Superstar Alias Antonio right here in his NEVER BEFORE SEEN own house, ready for Carson to conduct an EXCLUSIVE interview that will only be available for viewing on the Network and for reading on the Magazine! So make sure to save up for this special edition Alias Antonio interview, on every IWT platform, brother.


    *Alias nods at Carson and heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water. In there, he pours himself the glass of water, but suddenly, he starts hearing voices around the room, inducing some twitches until Alias splashes himself with water.*

    What in the hell is going on?

    *Alias takes one big breath and heads back out to the living room.*

    Alright guys, I'm ready.

    *Cameras start rolling again as Carson prepares his first question.*

    Carson: Alias, since this is the first look into your house, tell me how does this house match your personality? What was your thought process behind buying it?

    Alias: Funny you ask that you know, because when see this house from the outside, you see it and think "It's a nice house but looks very plain". And then you walk in and you think just the same. You can look for yourself, this is a very plain, simplistic type of house. And I'm a kinda simplistic guy, I like staying at home doing whatever whenever I'm not wrestling. I like to stay subdued and low-key outside that ring which was also probably an influence when buying this property, I don't want some exalted mansion, this house perfectly suffices. But here's the disparity. Outside the ring, completely relaxed and easy-going, but once I step foot in that ring everything changes within a blink of an eye. When I'm in that ring, this simplistic guy, turns into this perplexing character who at times speaks in odd riddles. I like being eloquent and intricate with my words, as I think it generates a bigger reaction from the crowd, and because it truly leaves your opponents lost for words. So yeah, I definitely choose my words wisely, and I do the same whenever I wrestle too. Every step I take, every punch I throw is meditated and thought-out and that's a big part of my success.

    Carson: You say every step you take is thought-out in that ring. Does the same go for your actions outside the ring or do those happen kinda at the spur of the moment?

    Alias: A bit of both actually, they come by both sides of the spectrum so I'd say both equally as eachother. You know though, I'm a very weird guy. I do immoral things, because I am immoral. I can't distinguish between good and bad because what normal people think of as bad I think of as good, and what people find good I find average at best. Which is why I'm kind of an enigma and you'd see me commit iniquities more times than not. You can officially call me "The Bad Guy" if you will.

    Carson: Very interesting. You've had an immensely successful career within the IWT but now you've extended your trade into another brand. You claim to be apart of the other team but yet you're still competing in the IWT so one should wonder, are you doing both full time? Are you going to be spending your time in one more than the other?

    Alias: Good question, Carson............Wait a minute.....

    *Alias abruptly gets up and stares blankly into the hallway as the crew ask him if he's OK. Alias starts twitching again...and suddenly.......*

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  2. The lights to Alias's home shuts off, bathing everyone in darkness. Grunts and yells could be heard loudly. Carson grabs a flashlight, shinning it to where Antonio was, and there stood Ami with the same clothing he had since his in ring debut, with his hood on. " where the heart is, no?" Ami said as the camera shinned onto him. "This home, is will match the destruction, and harm I shall do to you when we come to Night of champions Alias. You will fall, beneath my feet and the last words you shall hear" Ami said, looking towards Carson who has a flashlight. "Send Alias a copy of this tape, let me words echo though his mind and send chills down his, I have important business to attend to." Ami then grabs the flashlight from Carson, shutting it off.

    About ten seconds later, the lights to the entire house return to normal. Alias Antonio, laying on the ground where Ami was with the flashlight on his chest. The entire house, wrecked. All the furniture flipped over, and painting on the wall altered to look like a mess. Ami himself, not being seen anywhere in the home now.
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