Storyline You know who to blame

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  1. A couple seconds pass before Jack decides to stroll out onto stage. At first look you can tell that he no longer has a beard, and his man bun is cut & replaced with a shorter, spikier style. In short; he looks even more like a douche. Forté pauses to soak in the negative reception before unzipping his extremely expensive leather jacket to reveal his Intercontinental title. As well as his new piece of merch, a heathered black tank-top with the words 'Blame Me' engrained on it. The A is a purple and white anarchy logo. Jack jumps onto the apron, tries to rile up the crowd, but proceeds to play it off and hop down. Forté goes to retrieve a mic, and then enters the ring at a comfortable pace.

    Did you people honestly expect something different? I mean, putting me up against two former World Champions in hopes I wouldn't walk out the victor. It was a very, very hard fought battle indeed, but you knew that this would be the outcome. And I know that you wouldn't have it any other way.

    In light of my recent victory I've gotten quite a bit more prideful. Seeing as I'm your Intercontinental Champion I feel like I represent you, the people! As well as the IWT itself. And that's the reason I'm out here right now.

    As the one true representive of you, the people, and the IWT, I feel like I need to address our recent event. You see, besides the couple of no shows, and one person using a dildo, you had the World Championship declared via forfeit just about. And that sucks, I had quite a bit of money placed on Christian. Nevertheless, not only that, but the person who took on Alias for the IWT Championship was newer than I am. I've gotten what now, 5 victories under my belt right now? Yet King Zero didn't even have a match before the event! On top of it all you had numerous smart fans, as well as a former manager trash the event overall.

    That really spoils my soy milk, if you know what I mean. Everything that happened at the past event happened for a reason, and everyone bashing the show needs to know one thing. I represent you all now, as well the IWT.

    So if you want to keep bashing the product you know who to blame.
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