Storyline You Made A Mistake

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  1. *Unknown appears on the titantron, he is in his command point and is visibly hurt

    My oh my, now not only am I brutally injured from my match at The Slammys but tonight I had to face a gruelling attack at the hands of those disgusting minions, fact is I was using them in the first place. I am not hurt, I am not even damaged, these "injuries" are superficial, I am prepared for my destiny at the Royal Rumble, I was using The Order as muscle for the Rumble match but the fact is that was just a back up plan, I can destroy anyone and everyone in that ring so when The Royal Rumble comes I will walk in a champion and leave a champion headlining WRESTLEMANIA.

    The Order are nothing to me, they are not powerful they are nothing. I may not be the strongest man but I am the smartest man and I use every ounce of my brain to my advantage, the average person uses 10% of their brain but I am no average person, I use 100% of my brain and thats why I am the Unified IC Champ. I beat that son of a bitch waste of space B Dazzle and I will beat him again at Royal Rumble but not only do I step into the ring with one man I step into the ring with 3, I have been paying a close eye to all these men and it makes me laugh when people predict the winner to not be me, you really think they can even compare to my legacy? In a matter of 2 months I have done more than that god wanna be Darth has done in nearly a year. I outsmart people and thats how I get to where I am, it doesn't matter if its 1, 2 or 3 people, I can outsmart everyone, that is why I am god. People call me crazy thinking I am god but I can perfectly explain why I call myself god.

    You see other people who claim to be god call people to pray to him, go to a church and worship him, I dont need to be worshipped. God is the almighty ruler, he controls everything, he does what he wants and people take that and understand that, tell me what does Kid control? tell me how Darth is an almighty ruler? You cant. Because it isn't true, everyone in this arena is under my power, I control everyone, I say jump you dont say how high you fucking do it and if I say kill a man you dont say what with you do it. No one questions me, questioning me makes me angry and as the most dominant force in this world you dont want to make me angry. I have decided to go back to my roots, realising the IWT Arena is too dangerous for someone with my power I will only leave when I am required to leave for matches, my messages with be projected from my command point from now on. Have a nice day.

    *Unknown smirks and shoots the camera*​
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