Storyline You Owe Me, Nick

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  1. Ryan: It's quite fascinating how professional wrestling works. When you're on the top of the world, nobody is courageous enough to say or do something. However when you fall, or in this case intentionally fall, now everyone and their mother has something to say. That is what has happened to me over this past week. It was set, Nick vs Ryan II at Vice. Of course I was heading into the match with all the momentum as I defeated Nick in our first encounter. Nobody said a word, not even Nick because when I defeated him at Survival, I shut him up. I proved that I'm not just an upstart rookie who just talks big game, I proved that I am the game! And Nick, Nick tried to play me, he tried to challenge me and what happened? He fell. When it came time for our rematch, I had a decision to make.

    Ryan takes a drink from a glass which looks to be alcohol.

    Ryan: ...the decision to make a statement. Making a statement is what I've been doing since I joined this company and I had an opportunity to do it again in this match. The decision was to either face and defeat Nick.....again, or

    Ryan pauses and begins to smile.

    Ryan: Or I could no show the match. Me no showing would mean that Nick would advance in the Grand Prix World Tour for the IWT Universal Championship. Now some of you may be asking why would I no show and help Nick? Wrestlers are always obsessed with wins and losses that they won't even think about no showing and losing match, why would I do that? It's because I'm smart. Yes, I'm no longer undefeated, I have a loss on my record, but am I still the top wrestler in IWT? You're damn right I am. Knowing that, I no showed my match. Now Nick can go around saying he finally got one over on Ryan Davis, but every single person will know it's because I chose not to show up. He can continue on to the Universal Championship, but that's where the most important part of my plan lies. I've been saying all throughout my battle with Nick that's he's a washed up has-been that's just a shell of his former self, so the main reason for me no showing my match is so I can come here and guarantee you that the has-been will not win the Universal Championship. And I am willing to give away one "precious" win to prove that. See Nick, you are inferior to me in both wrestling skill and intelligence. Good luck in the tournament that you have no chance in winning.

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  2. Nick appears on the titantron with a smug grin on his face.

    "Sounds to me like you were just scared to face me again, because you know deep inside you can't beat me twice."

    He waves goodbye and the feed shuts off.