Storyline You Really Are The Underdog.

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  1. [We open on a wide shot of the ocean. Off screen, we hear the confident voice of IWT Universal Champion Scott Fargo. In the background we can faintly hear "Island In The Sun" by Weezer.]

    "Yes. You really are the underdog."

    [The camera pans around to see Fargo relaxing back on a wooden beach chair placed on the yacht of former IWT Champion Lord Lee. Fargo is wearing a pair of Rayban sunglasses, a pair of blue board short. And in his hands, Fargo is holding the IWT Universal Championship, a championship that he successfully defended at IWT SummerSlam, as a suntanning mirror.]

    "Yeah. I heard what Tyson has had to say over the last few days. I heard how he's droned on and on and on about me. Honestly?"

    [Fargo pauses to chuckle to himself.]

    "It's gotten a bit draining to have to listen to. So that's one of the reasons why, with the co-operation of the fantastic Lord Lee, I have decided to take a little break on his incredible yacht. You wanna know the other reason I'm out here, Tyson? Because The Bullad Club and I have been on a absolute tear through the competition in IWT since our arrival. That's not me indulging in self-masturbation, by the way. It's fact. Go back through the last five, six months. All you'll see is Bullad Club this, Bullad Club that and that's because we are the elite talent in the IWT. And that isn't ever going to change. No one on the roster even comes an inch close to us. Not the IW3. Not Spawn. Not Michael and Joey Bryant. Not Jack Forte. No one. And certainly not the likes of you, Tyson Storm."

    [Fargo sighs to himself.]

    "I'm curious to see what Tyson Storm "really has". What's he gonna do this time? More childish "haha you smell" jokes? Now, he can think whatever he wants about what he "has", because I know for a fucking FACT he gave me everything he has got. All this talk about what he "really has" is just that. Talk. Nothing more.And this tag tourney he has signed to be apart of?"

    [Fargo laughs to himself, shaking his head in disbelief while he does.]

    "The fucking gall of that man. He has a IWT Universal Champion to focus on and he goes off and does this? Tyson will once again divide his attention between that tournament and our upcoming match. Just like how his attention was divided between me and Ivy Hale when he faced her and we know how the result of that match came about. I really wanna know what the fuck you are thinking, Storm. Do you think that I'm gonna be that easy to take out that you can just go ahead and be apart of this tag tournament? Tyson, you may not be a very good wrestler, but you are exceptionally talented at proving me right. With your decision to take on the responsibility of this tag tourney, you've proved that I was right when I called you incredibly stupid."

    [Fargo sits up from the chair and he turns to face the camera.]

    "You wanna know why people don't believe in you? You wanna know why people see you as the "underdog" in our upcoming match? Because you pull shit like this and once again prove everything that I have said about you was right."

    [Fargo removes his sunglasses. He stares into the camera with intensity.]

    "I said it before, Tyson. And I'll say it again. Lighting never strikes the same place twice."

    [We can hear a confident Fargo utter his catchprase as we fade to black.]

    "Fargo. Slept."

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