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  1. *Robert Blake appears from behind the curtain making his way to the ring. Robert has anger in his eyes which is probably caused by Vega's actions last night. Robert Blake goes right into the ring looking like he wants to kill someone. Robert calls for a mic in anger as one of the announcers quickly grabs it for him and tries to give it to Robert, but Robert decide to grab the man by his big head and lock him into a choke hold. He grabs his mic and continues to hold the announcer with one arm around his neck. The audience are booing Robert Blake like crazy for attacking this poor helpless man*

    Robert Blake: This is what happens! Vega did this to me! I was making history until that shit decided to appear again. Hey, it's fucking smart to attack the top star. Vega gained some interest by attacking me. Who the fuck even cared about him until now? He was Iron Man champion for a while? Who the fuck cares? Fucking hell I'm going to take that title just to show how better than him I really am. He's fucking nothing here. I was the bloody world champion, and I was fucking owning this company until he fucked it up. I beat Buster Gates at Summerslam, but that isn't enough for you people, you still fucking complain that I had that world title. Why the fuck not get off your asses and do something about it? No one in this company can beat me in that ring in a real wrestling match. I want my World championship rematch tonight! I want to break that Will so bad because he isn't better than me. I want to hold some gold again. Do you think I lose? Look at me! I'm the face of wrestling! I was number one in both companies and this is how they repay me? Vega, I'm the only reason you still have a job. Precision was going to die, but Robert Blake being the nice guy he is agreed to come in and fucking help this place!

    *Robert Blake releases the choke hold, but the man is already unconscious. Robert stands in the middle of the ring and stares at the ramp*

    Robert Blake: I want my World title back. I want to break Vega. Hell, I want to break The Blade since he's fucking stupid. Who runs around in a mask like that anyway? He shouldn't be known as the guy who beat Blake! Ryan Blake isn't as good as me and everyone knows it. I will pin you 1...2...3 whenever I get the chance to do so. Maybe it will be the main event of the Wrestle Dynasty? All I know is that I'm going to beat anyone in that Elimination Chamber match. I will walk out as World champion and everyone will fall to me. Jack Rogue? Kiss my feet. Buster Gates? Kiss my feet you cry baby. Who cares about Reg anyway? Vega? You can kiss my ass you complete prick. Vega isn't on the main event stage and he never will be. The best he can hope for is the IC championship.....In other words he's B+ but who even cares anyway? You all come here to watch me and that's the point! I'm the number one guy in Exodus. I'm the number one guy in Precision. I'm the God of wrestling. I don't care if I have to beat Vega, Gates, Blade, other Blade, or even Jack Rogue. I'm the best and everyone knows it. I will be world champion after Wrestle Dynasty and everyone will bow to their King.

    *Robert Blake drops the mic and begins to call out Vega*

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    Legit just made this so he could promo. Didn't put anything into it because I can't be arsed.

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    Robert Blake's call out of Andersen Vega apparently works as the music of the single most legendary performer in Sony Storm and Precision history hits and the fans have another reason to hate this segment.

    And as the lyrics start, he walks out of the "Alice Position" and onto the stage with his signature baseball bat in his right hand and a microphone in hand as hatred can be heard resonating from the fat pie holes of the audience in attendance. He doesn't look to happy as he makes a B-line for the ring. With a microphone in hand, the music fades out and the most razor tongued man in professional wrestling begins to speak, much to the obvious chagrin of Robert Blake.

    Andersen: Bitch, do every living soul in the world who isn't deaf a favour and shut the fuck up!

    For the first time in well over a year, a sound that can only be described as cheering can be heard coming from the audience. Vega reaches the ringside area and jumps up onto the apron and enters the ring, keeping to his side of the ring and Robert keeping on his side, Vega continues.

    Andersen: Let me get this straight, Blake... You're mad because, why? Is it that you lost your Undisputed Championship to Will Neilson or because I decided to get some batting practice on your skull? You're pissed because I cost you your title? Nah, I just insured it. If you're as good as you say you are you should've beaten Will Neilson no matter how hurt you were. You should've stepped into that ring and destroyed him but you didn't because you ain't as good as you say you are. Will Neilson proved that at Hell In The Cell. Doesn't matter what happened before the match, during or after. You, being a World Champion should know that it doesn't matter how you win or how you lose, it only matters that you did. And man, you lost. You've got no excuse for losing your title other than you got your ass beat by the better man on that night. At Hell In A Cell, all I did was insure that the Undisputed Championship come back to Precision, because for far to long that title has been in the hands of you pussies from that talent-less pool of pussies, Exodus!

    The die-hard Precision fans in attendance lets their voices be heard with a chorus of cheers for the normally vilified Andersen Vega's trashing of Exodus.

    Andersen: Over the years, Sony Storm and Precision has been invaded by you B-Show bitches looking to take what doesn't belong to you. The likes of you, Harrison Payne, Jordan Bull, Chris Young and Buster Gates have come here to steal the spotlight from the guys that made Precision and its TWF predecessor the number one wrestling show in the world. Because Microsoft Mayhem and Exodus was never as popular as we were. Microsoft Mayhem and Exodus's wrestlers didn't have the passion or the drive that we did. Because the talent in your B-Show just weren't as good as we are, and that shows by the fact that guys in Precision can actually kick out of more than one finisher.

    The audience again cheers and "Ohhh!"'s.

    Andersen: I've had enough of this shit... It makes me sick to my fucking stomach that you just walked into this company and got handed an Undisputed title shot when guys like myself or Mike Thunder, guys who've stayed loyal to this place and have risked our careers and our lives to make this company the top wrestling promotion in the world has never been given that opportunity. How you can just come in and take the title that not even legends like The Scat and Noah Styles has had the honour to hold! Guys like you have slowly destroyed the legacies of the likes of Christian Chaos! *The name of the legendary former TWF World Heavyweight Champion is received by a huge reaction from the audience*, JD Grayson! *Another huge pop for another great TWF World Champion*, Danny Jacobs! *A mixture of loud cheers and boos for the most controversial figure in the history of professional wrestling* and Cornelius Matthews! *Another huge pop*. The guys who made this place and it's World Championship the most prestigious Championship in the world! You motherfuckers stole everything that they worked so hard to build... What I have worked so hard to build and you took it over! Guys like you are the reason that Sony Storm went out of business. You destroyed your company and you had to destroy ours as well and I will not stand by and let you destroy this place because to me, this is still Sony Storm. You never saw The Scat jump ship, you never saw Noah Styles jump or Mike Thunder and Danny Jacobs, because they had something that none of you have!... Loyalty!... Now, I may hate these people with a passion and trust me, I do, but I never left!... I, and the men that have been the backbone of this company and of Sony Storm have what you, Harrison Payne, Jordan Bull and the rest of you Microsoft Mayhem and Exodus rejects never had, and that is loyalty! And my loyalty is why I took you out at Hell In A Cell. From this moment on, everybody who has come from that cesspool to take our spotlight will answer to me. From this moment on, anyone who decides to invade this place will have to go through me. Will Neilson may be a fucking dickhead and he may only have been here for a few months but he represents Precision as it's champion, not Exodus.

    The crowd boos Vega's show of support for the treacherous Will Neilson, but Vega just talks over them and continues as Robert Blake is pacing back and forth with the only reason that he hasn't attacked Vega is because "The King Of The World" is holding his trusty baseball bat.

    Andersen: But, Will Neilson as champion is only temporary. I see you pacing back and forth and I know that you want to kill me but lets face it, that wouldn't be a smart move, would it? Because I know that I gave you a concussion at Hell In A Cell and I have a history of ending the careers of those who suffer from concussions so if you take one step towards me boy, I will end your miserable career right here on the spot, just like I did to Alice Xander, you got that!?

    Robert Blake clenches his fists and looks dead in Vega's eyes, so badly wanting to beat him to a bloody pulp but knowing the extreme risk involved has halted any attempt of assault from Blake.

    Andersen: Will Neilson is a temporary champion because tonight it's Robert Blake vs Andersen Vega and trust me when I tell you that I will beat you to within an inch of your life, and then I'm going to go to Elimination Chamber and I'm going to finally get what I deserve, The Undisputed World Championship. But that's later on tonight, so come on then boy, what's it gonna be? Are you gonna grow a set of testicles at take a shot at me? Or're you gonna back off like the bitch you are, huh?

    Vega raises the bat up and digs it into Roberts neck, sending Robert to back up a little.

    Andersen: Please give me a reason to end you right now...

    Vega drops the mic and awaits Robert Blake's reaction. Blake, knowing full well the predicament that he's in, decides to back down, and leave the ring, living to fight another day. He back trots up the ramp as Andersen Vega's music hits. The show cuts to a commercial break with Andersen Vega and Robert Blake staring each other down, ready to clash later in the evening.


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