WrestleMania You Think HHH Is Worried?

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  1. I was thinking about this... And Brock always puts on a good match no matter who he faces. Well, he is going up against Ambrose who I honestly believe will try anything crazy to have an amazing match. Not to mention in a street fight to boot. With all this going on, you think HHH is worried?

    Like you think he is worrying it will take away from his match with Reigns so he is going to go over board with their match to make up for it? I mean we know they are the last match of the night so HHH will see how the fans react to Ambrose vs Brock. I am still saying that match will be MOTN and possibly MOTY. Ambrose knows how to put on a show and Brock never disappoints. Then you have old man HHH vs Reigns who quite frankly, hasn't had very memorable matches in the past. I mean there were a few good ones but he seems dry in the ring. HHH is still amazing in his age but there is only so far he can push himself and I don't think he plays it as risky as some other people... like say, Ambrose. lol

    So, you think HHH is worried they will take the spotlight of WM 32?
  2. Well there is the theory that Hunter is sabotaging Roman. If one follows that narrative, then he should be perfectly fine with being outperformed at mania.
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  3. Austin actually just commented on this himself and I agree with his sentiments:

    Yeah, of the three "main events", the one slotted to go on last for the WWE Championship will ironically be the least anticipated one of the three. And the man that's gonna get the biggest rub of the night, win or lose, is Dean Ambrose. He's either gonna slay the Beast or look like a million bucks by just barely failing to do so. Either way, his star will shine brighter than Reigns.
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  4. Nah, I don't think he is.
  5. Triple h isn't worried. He fucks Stephanie in the ass regularly.
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  6. I would imagine you film this for them, ay?
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  7. Triple H must have been inducted into the Stephanie McMahon kiss my ass club more times than the amount of seconds Roman Reigns lays down hurt in a match
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  8. Hand on camera, other in the pants
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  9. I wouod build a tent in her ass.. Camp out...bonfires and marshmallows... Sleep. Never leave
  10. Eh, I don't think Triple H is worried. If anyone should be worried it's Roman. Triple H has main evented Mania and done so many world title matches in the last 16 years. His legacy is already there. It's has gotten over and beyond. He has had some of the greatest Wrestlemania moments in history. His job is to put Roman over and Trips still has some of the best ring psychology to do so and have a good match even at his age. But Roman on the other hand is such a dull anti climatic character that everyone is sick of, and hes gonna have a hard time gettin over
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  11. Theory has been in circulation for a while, but wasn't HHH the one to vouch for Roman closing WM31? Feel like he was one ofRoman's first supporters. Would he really try to destroy all of Roman's credibility in spite of Vince?
  12. I would think he's worried a bit, but not too much. I think sadly the match will be lower than a few matches on the card in terms of performance though.
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  13. The way you put it, I think he may be worried about Roman. I mean, I can see the match being great cause of HHH, not cause of Roman which is sad, it just gives people another reason to hate on him. lol