Storyline You Think You're Funny.

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  1. *A camera turns on, an upset and scarred man can be seen*

    Unknown: You filming? YOU FILMING TELL ME
    Man: Y y y yes sir.
    Unknown: Get a good look at this.

    *The camera turns to Unknown holding B Dazzle up, Dazzle has visible cuts and bruises*

    Unknown: This is what you get when you think you're a funny guy and make challenges you cannot back up on, FOLLOW ME.

    *Unknown drags Dazzle and kicks open a door to the parking lot, Dazzle drops to the ground, Unknown sighs and lifts Dazzle up on his shoulders, he is pretty much out cold. They approach a van, Dazzle awakens and starts throwing elbows into Unknown's face, Unknown drops to his knees, Dazzle goes for a running kick but Unknown dodges and throws Dazzle face into the van, Dazzle drops as blood pours on his face. Unknown opens the back of the van and throws him in, he gets the guy to sit in the seat up front, he starts driving as static appears on the camera*

    Unknown: You will not like what you see next, you listen to me you will be safe.

    *The camera turns to Unknown's mask*

    Unknown: You aint funny *laughs*

    *The camera cuts off*

    More coming soon......

    @The Dazzler
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  2. OOC: it's not's The Dazzler
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  3. *The van suddenly stops*

    Unknown: GET OUT. Open the doors and get him out.

    *The camera man walks round the back as Unknown gets out and opens the door, Dazzle jumps out onto Unknown taking him down, Dazzle starts striking Unknown but Unknown shouts at the camera man who kicks Dazzle, Dazzle knocks off Unknown and gets up and turns around to the camera man, Unknown gets up and attacks Dazzle, the camera man is shaking, Unknown lifts up Dazzle and carries him into a warehouse, he throws him down on a chair and ties his hands and legs*

    Unknown: You want to see funny? You're gonna get funny

    *Unknown strikes Dazzle in the jaw*

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    *Unknown is sitting in the corner, laughing hysterically, he jumps up and punches Dazzle in the face*


    The Dazzler: GET OFF ME.

    *Unknown slaps him*

    QUIET. You are going to shut up and listen to me, you hear?

    *Dazzler spits in his face*

    You silly little man.

    Dazzler: What you don't like the spit? Its not even like you show your face around here anyway.

    Unknown: You really want to look at my face, you really want to stare into the dark hole called my eyes and see the fear and torture awaiting you? You really want that. You get it. Time for a little video stream.

    *Unknown grabs the camera, he puts it on a tripod, the camera man asks if he can leave, Unknown laugh and stabs a pencil into his eye,he throws his body into the corner, Unknown stands in front of the camera*

    Unknown: You all doubt, you are all confused. My face is not something you will take lightly so brace yourself for what you are about to see, God has finally awoken inside me and for you to see my true brute force you need to see into the eyes of the danger, I am the danger

    *Unknown rips the mask off his face breaking it as he throws it to the ground....... He turns to Dazzle before the camera can see his face.​
  7. Johnny B. Faggot: I am the puppy.
  8. Chris Kaizer: he is going to die of a drug OD? Hmmmm
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