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  1. *Dylan Gray Stands In The Middle Of The Ring, Darkened With A Spotlight On Him*

    "Petty, petty, petty is what I describe the IWT locker room, petty is what I call Eric Draven, fickle is what I call you people, you fickle people choose to follow the old, washed up, has-beens, rather than than the future face of IWT, future champion, A-List in waiting superstar like Dylan Gray? That just sums you up really, you're sheep, you're lost, you need MY guidance, I will become the next IWT Champion, whether it's with help, or not, do you hear me?! I said I will be the next IWT Champion, I said I will be the next IWT Champion, I WILL be the next IWT Champion, and believe me, I have something up my sleeves, a mastermind plan, a game-changing opportunity, and what's best about it is you won't see it coming..."


  2. *The lights dim as the crowd edge towards the entrance way. A countdown is flashed on the titantron going from 5 to 1, second coming flashes on the screen before Eric Draven's theme begins to play.

    * The crowd begins to clap as Draven sprints through the curtain, he dances down the entrance way before rolling into the ring and posing in each corner. Draven rolls out of the ring, grabs a mic from the time keepers area then rolls back into the ring and goes face to face with Dylan. *

    ED : Dylan, do you feel it? Do you feel those little butterflies building up in your stomach? Do you feel that energy? We are LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEEEEE on IWT brother.

    *The crowd begins to pop*

    ED : It seems you know of me but let me introduce you to them.

    *Draven points out to the audience and winks*

    ED : They are the people who keep you off the street, they are the ones who keep you in your pretty little boots, they're the one who allow you to print a wing on your arse and run around like you've achieved world domination. I'm sure you're a hell of a talent, you wouldn't be invited to the pinnacle of Internet wrestling if you lacked ability or desire.

    *Draven smiles as the crowd begin to chant I Dub T I Dub T.*

    ED : However when I look at you, I just don't see someone worthy of holding the prestigious IWT championship. I see someone who needs to learn about respect, kid.

    *Draven pushes his forehead into Dylan's*

    ED : Now is the time to show the world what you have, are you for real Dylan?
  3. *Gray is visible pissed*
    "Do something, I dare ya"
  4. *Eric Draven smiles at Dylan*

    ED : I've proven myself capable of achieving everything you claim is your destiny. It's your turn to make yourself famous kid. Just remember about them.

    *Draven points out to the crowd*

    ED : They're the ones who'll have your back when no one else will. They're the ones who you do it for.

    * Draven rolls out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp.*
  5. *As Draven walks up the ramp, Dylan Gray also rolls out of the ring running towards Eric, as Draven turns around and see's Gray, he gets a huge clothesline planting him on the grounf*
    Gray then picks up Draven before delivering a huge spinebuster, Draven then clenches onto his back.

    Gray then picks up Draven by the hair and takes him back into the ring, before jumping on top of him and delivering some brutal punches.

    Dylan then picks Draven back up this time by the throat, saying
    "Is this what you wanted, huh?"

    Gray then throws Eric through the middle rope and climbs out the the ring before picking him up and throwing him into the barricade

    Gray then goes ringside to grab a steel chair, he then walks towards Draven looking down at his crawling body, he looks at the chair, and then at Draven, he drops the chair.
    Eric grabs onto Grays leg to help himself up, Gray looks down at him and picks him up.

    Eric Draven gets in a couple of light punches before Gray knees him in the groin knocking him back down, he looks at the chair again before picking Draven back up.

    He takes Draven over to the chair where you sets up for a Future Shock (Gray Shock) DDT.........



  6. Michael rushes out with a microphone in hand.

    Michael: Ladies, ladies, ladies! What the fuck do you think you're doing? Dyaln Grey, you're in the IWT and not some half-ass league like NGW! You watch what you do or I'll smack the taste off your buds! You lay another finger on Eric Draven, you'll be fired!

    Dylan drops Draven. Draven curls up in pain as Draven walks back and wipes the sweat off his face.

    Michael: You two want to tear each other apart 10 minutes after meeting eachother? Then how about this. IWT Pride in Victory...Eric Draven vs. Dylan Grey! Draven's return and Grey's debut. But if you two touch eachother until'll be fired on the fucking spot! You hear me!?

    Michael's music hits and he walks back with a red tint in his face. He is seen lighting a cigar as he walks back.
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  8. Dylan Gray smiles and nods.