Storyline You Want To Know Where God Is?

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  1. *The scene opens up once again, with Alias in the same spot he's been the past couple of weeks, getting mentally and physically prepared for the biggest match in his career. Like his last promo, it is daytime, and it looks like he's just completed a gym session. He takes a deep breath and sits down on a rock before speaking.*

    I saw....I heard....I read, that Mr. Trip In The Head politely, quote unquote, POLITELY declined my challenge made to him about putting his GM status on the line in a few weeks in our monumental Survivor Series event. I should have known better, actually, I expected everything Trip said, every single bit of it. He can hide behind words that may free him of being a cowardly bastard, but I don't see through his bullshit. I'm not saying he's scared.....but I am saying he is scared. There's no other way around it, Trip is afraid he may lose. I see him talking about how first-class his Survivor Series is gonna be, but where is it at Trip!? Aids, Seabs? Is that all you've got? Where's the RAW, FRESH talent? A returning Marcus Anthony? I can already hear the pop from a mile away!

    *Alias facepalms and resumes.*

    He can decline my challenge all he wants, but that won't make him less of a failure when his team loses. Maybe he'll be forced to quit due to the sheer embarrassment of being beaten by a "SECOND-RATE COMPANY". Ha. Give me a break.

    But one thing of note from your promo was talking about Dat Kid. You wanted to know where the man himself was secluding himself at? Well if you weren't aware, Dat Kid had to vacate his GM position and as captain of Team FSW due to personal issues he had to attend to, and he did so like a true man, handing over the reigns to the notorious Mr. Smith. I was simply assigned with the task of forming my own team, and that is what I'm doing! But that's now what I'm getting at.

    You see, Dat Kid is back now, and he's in pursuit of an FSW victory on IWT turf. AND since he's no longer FSW GM, he can legally compete for Team FSW at Survivor Series.

    So....that makes life much more easier for me, because the 4th team member of Team FSW is indeed....God in persona, @Dat Kid!!!!

    You wanted to know where he was, huh?

    There you have it.

    *Alias smirks as the picture closes.*
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  2. OOC: ??? I thought we agreed to not be on the teams @Dat Kid , GM status or not? We changing that or what? TBH I might've said yes to your challenge in that case THG lol. Would it be a better draw you think?
  3. OOC: Oh, I thought the rule was opposing GM's would not be on the team and instead would have to choose a team. Since Kid isn't GM anymore, I thought that rule, for my team anyway, was nullified. Idk what you want to do now.
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  4. OOC: I could see how you could come to that conclusion. No biggie. We were going to have our teams face off and lead up to our rematch. But if he wants to change it......
  5. Yes, I am the fourth member of N'Sync
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  6. Well now I don't know if you're serious or not. Because according to the original stipulation you and I by name are not supposed to be in the match. Not because we were the GMs.
  7. Oh you're talking about Survivor Series, I legitimately thought THG was getting the band back together. It's up to you guys. I'm not here enough to call things creatively. Toss me where you see fit.
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  8. Cool, so we'll still wait to have our rematch then

    @THG? @Stopspot so you guys know too
  9. I had an idea last night of adding a stip to the five v five match where if IWT wins, trip choses the stip for him vs you at say TLC or the rumble, and if fsw wins, you get that power.
    How does that sound?
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  10. No black guys in nsync, you know that