Storyline You Were Always White Trash.

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  1. *A camera zooms in on Jonathan's office door. Shortly after, Alias Antonio walks out the door directly looking at the camera with abhorrence*

    You really do have to follow me everywhere, huh? *Alias shakes his head*

    Make this quick.

    *The interviewer timorously begins to ask questions*

    Interviewer: I presume The Cure has finally perished, after what occured with you and......Sir Lee.....earlier on. Can I get any comments from that?

    Alias: The Cure's perpetuation wasn't going to last forever, sadly. But while we all knew that, we did what we did and indoctrinated the IWT masses, also in the process of transmuting it into a completely different company. The Cure's spirit is still going to live within me.........As for Ben Dover......

    *Alias wipes his hands against his face and sighs*

    Alias: Falsity cannot keep an idea from being beautiful; there are certain errors of such ingenuity that one could regret their not ranking among the achievements of the human mind.

    *Interviewer looks perplexed*

    Interviewer: Err, do you have words for Sir Lee or not?

    *Alias shouts and grabs the interviewer by the neck and slams him against the wall*

    Alias: It's BEN DOVER! BEN FUCKING DOVER! UGH FUCK YOU BEN, FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! *Alias flips the camera*

    Ben, you betraying son of a bitch, you will always be the white trash people claimed you were no matter how smart you made your vocabulary appear. Ben, we know eachother better than anything, we don't need some pity build to get the people interested, lets just go one on one now here backstage, or are you pussying out once again? C'mon big boy, lets fight. Just all talk and no trousers, eh?

    Once I get my hands on you, you will go suffer another transformation, because I'm going to convert you into a dead man.

    *Alias realizes Jono's door is open and abruptly shuts it*

    Beware Ben, your end is near.

    *Alias smirks at the camera and strolls off*
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  2. *Sir Lee can be heard through the backstage tannoys*

    Lee: While the thought of settling our bitter through the proverbial fisticuffs is rather tantalising to not just you...but me...Now ain't the time my once close comrade. I am ever so busy at this hour...What with all the paperwork I've got to do to regarding me terminating my contract with those filthy fiends at Brazzers.... So it looks we must wait ever so longer for that ever-so-sweet moment...Where we finally get to fight AND I GET TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.... oops, my apologies Antonio, how out of tone of me....

    If the intention of calling me white trash is to offend, you're backfiring. I look at me from even 2 weeks ago...I see this slimy, dirty GRIMY LITTLE BOY WHO ACTUALLY THOUGHT HAVING INTERCOURSE WITH WOMEN WHO LOOK ATTRACTIVE BUT ARE ACTUALLY DISGUSTING AND GETTING PAID FOR IT WAS COOL, but....really...ITS FUCKING PITIFUL. I apologies everyone for such bad language, sometimes such personal events can cause pain. But funny enough, this pain is assisting me, assisting to become a better human being, no longer am I commoner, but a man of class, a man of elegance and sophistication, and I'm not letting you Antonio; you cheeky little rascal, play me like a Nintendo 64, or whatever stimulative drivel the sheep of today entertain themselves with.

    Stay safe Alias, I don't want you getting hurt, I still like you after all, but be careful, the Ministry are ever present, ready to teach you the "ever important lessons of life".
    Be ready, Alias;my friend, be ready like.....never.....before!
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