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  1. Spawn is stood in the ring with a mic in hand as he begins to speak after his Actions at IWT Fight For Your Life

    "I came out an interrupted King Zero and Michael's match. Why? Because I wanted to. I was waiting backstage to come out and inflict pain, and there was no one more fitting than King Zero. See King Zero seems to think he is some sort of God. He holds himself higher than everyone else and seems to find that he is more fitting to be the face of everything. This is a man who runs around and acts better than everyone else, acts like he is superior in every way. So you probably assume that this pisses me off, which shows you know nothing about me.

    I loved what Zero was doing. I was watching from the back with a massive smile on my face because I knew one day I was going to crush him and flatten the empire of false idols he had constructed. I knew one day I would be the one to smash his fucking head in and make him suddenly realize he is nothing compared to someone like me. Zero wants to think that he is a scary IWT legend. That he will be a IWT hall of famer, and hold all the titles. So during Fight For You Life I walked out and I crushed Zero's dreams.

    See Zero is just another man who likes to play with demons to look dark and brooding. Zero hides behind the shady business that keeps him relevant. He likes to bully people with scary ideas and monsters that never come to fruition. So it was time that a real monster stepped in and slayed him. Zero might of wished there was demons to harass other people, but now he knows there is a demon, and he is far worse than he could of hoped for. Zero was my target, and I put him to rest. IWT, you are not safe. Zero was just one of many! See I am the #1 contender for the IWT championship.

    So Aids. This one is for you. IWTMania 4. I am going to step out and take that title from your little grubby hands. I am going to strip you of all your luxuries. Then I am going to butcher and slaughter you. Aids Johnson. IWTMania 4 will be the last night of your life. I haven't even had to try and fight for the chance to get to you, so beware, as when we face, I am coming in with the sole intent of torturing your soul. I am going to make a role model out of you. I will make all these other people shit their little pants when they see the horror that is going to unfold. If I were you I would sort out your life insurance and your will now, because there will be no Aids Johnson when the title match is over. There will simply be pain and horror."

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  2. Aids Johnson comes back out for the 2nd time tonight, wearing his same suit with the IWT belt around his shoulder. He carries a microphone, taking his sweet time yelling to the crowd before centering towards the ring.

    Yawn, son, yawn. The last person who told me I would be left as pain and suffering abducted my family, fake blew them up and STILL couldn't shake the champion and take my title. You want to come at the champ? You better switch your game up and be ready for a man who knows all of your weaknesses. You killed another legend? Nah you smashed old bones before putting it back in the grave. King Zero is what his name states, he can't hold a candle to the champ and the entire world knows that (Crowd begins to boo loudly over the lie) and I don't give credit unless it's due! I just buried two bodies myself, when we face you bring your best demon mask out, because I'll be bringing my A game. The last two were just to get the rust off. You and I are going to blow this place up.

    *Aids holds his belt in the air as the crowd pops.

  3. Michael appears in a wheel chair. His eye is swollen, his lips are a dark red color and he has a bandage over his left eye brow. He is handed a microphone and proceeds.

    Michael: Before I say anything on this regard, I'd just like to say. Spawn, I have to thank you for what you did! But we all know that I would've killed Zero, either way! I mean, I redeemed my loss over the guy! People keep saying this guy is a jobber. But now I am the man with the win!

    Michael adjusts his wheelchair.

    Michael: Now, you see we have a problem right now. FTJ is back and wants his rematch, at IWTMania IV. Reagan Cole won the Royal Rumble for a match, at IWTMania IV. And we have Spawn who wants his title match at IWTMania IV! I'll tell you what. At IWT To Live or Die, Spawn will face Reagan Cole. The winner, will go on to face Aids Johnson at IWTMania IV! As for FTJ...I hired you, gave you a 7-figure contract, handed you the IWT title, busted my ass for your success. And you gave nothing back to me or the IWT. You tried getting Senhor, who is out recovering, to do your business. Business that is clearly yours to handle. I took a long stay in Sunderland, earlier. I spoke with IWT Creative, and we all decided that it's for the best...Frank the Jock...YAAAAARR FAAAAAARD! In other words, get your sorry as out of my arena.

    The crowd pops as Michael signals security to find, and escort FTJ out of the building. Michael takes FTJ's contract out and shreds it on stage before wheeling over it.

    Michael: Now that leaves you Aidsey. You see, you've been facing has-beens and old-timers for a while now. So I'd like to inform you that your opponent is the complete opposite of that. He's a man that deserves this. He is the very best in this industry. He told me he was going to call you out, and tear you up. But I figured I can deliver the news while i'm out here. Aids Johnson, you'll be facing the Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forté in a Champion vs. Champion match!

    The crowd goes crazy.

    Michael: Non-title.

    The crowd begins to boo again, and throws trash at Michael.

    @Shadow @The ReagMaster
  5. - You don't get a rematch for a title you never won.
    - You are never here
    - You are lazy af

    Those are the big reasons why you are fired.
  6. I want a match with Frank.
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  7. You're in creative. Make the thread.
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  8. The crowd continues to go with the flow as the iconic, yet unused song is playing. Forté bursts through at the 00:22 to an overwhelming positive reaction. Jack looks around and basks in it as the song kicks in, and begins unzipping his light green leather jacket with his free hand. Unveiling his shiny IC title, but no special tank top was created for the moment as it was on such short notice. Instead, it's one of those "The Champ is Here!" shirts from the IWT of old. Forté signals for his music to be cut, and waits for things to turn down.

    First off, don't blame Michael for making the match a non-title match. So before you start raining trash on him, don't. It could ruin my jacket. But let it be known that I'm the one to ask for that stipulation.

    This incites a small negative reaction.

    I know, I know, but as much as you want me to have both titles-- it's simply not in my best interests. From the very first day I stepped in here I've set my sights on the Intercontinental title. I've never once even thought about going after the IWT title. No offense, Aids. But look at the reign he's had so far. His most credible opponent didn't even want to be there. She'd much rather be at my place, where she actually puts the work in!

    Pause. Kidding aside, it's simply not a burden anyone can save. It's a lost cause. Spawn can try, Nick can try. And more power to them. I'd rather be showing why my title is the only title that matters! And just like I have been doing, I want to continue to do so. What better way to do so then go through the IWT Champion himself!?

    Jack lays his focus on Spawn for a brief moment.

    Second of all, I want to apologize for being another person who has interrupted you. I feel like it's something that you'd see on that one Thursday night show. Forgot what it's called exactly, but you get the point. I'll make it up to ya, I'll soften Aids up for you. Even though I don't think he can get much softer! But yeah, it should make it easy to win that title. And then do what you want, burn it for all I care. More power to you. Just watch out for Nick.

    Forté shifts to Aids now.

    Finally, Aids himself. Heya buddy. You know the difference between you and I? Besides the age difference, the quality, the looks, and just about everything else. The main difference is that I actually make this look cool!

    Jack takes off his title and raises it above his head to a nice reaction.

    Forté rests it on his shoulders and raises his mic back up to his mouth.

    Now, you were saying something about your A game?

  9. before Aids can respond, Awake & Alive by Skillet echos through the speakers and around the arena as the crowd await and starts their chants for Reagan Cole and like always, Reagan gives the people what they want as he walks outs at the 21 second mark of the song and looks at the crowd of people before him and the 4 people in the ring who are all staring him down as Reagan smiles and instead of walking down the ramp and entering the ring, Reagan runs both his hands through his hair as he grabs a microphone from a nearby staff member

    Reagan: wow, so let's get this straight, just because Spawn helped you, Michael in your match against King Zero which did nothing but prove that you can't win a match on your own. but because of that Spawn gets a second shot at being the number 1 contender to the world championship by facing me, the man who outlasted 29 other people and didn't kiss someone's ass to get a title shot but then again the champ did so it must be working....

    some of the crowd cheers for the burn that happened but most of the audience are just booing just because kids like Aids...can't believe I just said that

    Reagan: don't boo if you know it's true, the funny thing is that I used to respect you Aids, the key word there is "used" like you used to be good, you used to be the authority-hating Aids weren't you? the GOAT? and now look at you, you're a dying corpse of your former self then what did you decide to call me? "the fluke Royal Rumble winner who doesn't deserve his name spoken?" seriously? doesn't deserve his name spoken? a bit harsh isn't it? what is it, Aids? you scared that someone might finally take that crown off you? cute yet at the same time so pathetic. so go on and face Forte who surprisingly also kisses the bosses' ass, the shock, the horror, it's all there in that ring but listen here Spawn, Demon, whatever you are supposed to be called. I have been here for way too long to allow you to leapfrog over me and take my position of beating Aids to a bloody pulp at IWTMania! see you at To Live or Die, Spawn

    Reagan gives the microphone back to the staff member then Reagan points at the IWTMania logo in the background as he smiles again at Aids as Reagan's theme song starts to play again
  10. Michael looks at Reagan Cole in absolute disgust.

    Michael: I hate that I always stumble on the ones who can't take a shot for this company, if their life depended on it. Spawn has fought his way through tough battles. He beat Nick, for this right. I'd recommend watching the product, son. I won't hesitate to throw out the trash, like I did with Frank the Jock. I don't tolerate ungrateful pricks, and you're lucky I contacted you with a contract. Where were you before this? NGW? Makes perfect sense, really. The butt of the jokes, working in the butt of the jokes. You were a bright, respectable, worthy kid a few years back. Now you're just another one...of them. But if you don't think Spawn deserves a shot at Aidsey, then your match at IWT To Live or Die, will prove it.

    Michael: Wheels back and stares at the crowd, then back at Reagan.

    Michael: You're lucky, I am in a good mood right now. But not lucky enough. Ladies and IWT To Live or Die LIVE at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California...In one of our main events, Reagan Cole vs. Spawn for the right to face IWT World Champion, Aids Johnson...There's one special stipulation. Just to make sure everything is enforced and appropriate, your special guest referee is someone who can do just that. A certified future hall of famer, and company I will be in that ring, counting the pins and calling the shots. And I'll guarantee that I'll call it...right down the line.

    Michael winks and strolls to the side of the stage, awaiting any responses.
  11. Spawn laughed after politely listening to the words of this idiot.

    "Aids. You are fighting no demon when I come for you. You are fighting for your life.
    When you step into a ring with me, you are not getting buried, you are not being beaten. You are be punished.
    I have lived a long time and I can tell you that I have seen people like you before.
    You come very few and far.
    Only several people have the reputation that you have built up.
    Big reputations, and big names that everyone knows.
    But no one remembers.

    Do you want to guess why?

    I am more than just a darkness, I am more than evil. I am death!"

    Michael rolls out and cuts his promo about Spawn beating Zero. Spawn simply tilts his head as Michael finished speaking.


    "Do you think I sparred you?
    I was more interested in taking down Zero, because he was actually worth something. Zero built up a reputation on sand which I obliterated. I ruined him and his reputation. But look at you.
    You are nothing. You have nothing. You are the owner of IWT and even still you have to go out and do your own matches probably just to make the pay. A real man wouldn't thank me for what I did, he would be furious at me. A fool would come out and thank me. But a smart man would know not to thank or hate me. He should know to fear me!"

    Spawn then starred directly into the eyes of Michael.


    Then Jack joins the fray. Spawn now getting rather upset that they are talking when he could be ripping them all limb from limb. Jack began to speak to Spawn, to which the demon replied.

    "I appreciate your manners boy. But those words wont save you. Don't think I cannot see what you are. You know you have your own demons that you fear. Don't wait for me to over encumber you. Worry less about Aids. You need not warm him up for me, as my flames burn strong. And Nick is a false idol, there is no need to worry with him when he is nothing more than fodder. He is no champion after all..."

    Spawn then starred at Jack with a worrying look.


    Then some other punk entered, it turned out to be his next opponent. Spawn beckoned out a laugh at this fool.

    "I don't give a fuck how long you have been here you bafoon. I am not going to leap frog over you, I am going to grab you by the neck, and slam you through the rock, molten lava and drop you straight into the pits of Hell. You think you can talk smack to me, lets see if you can talk over the blistering burns of satans play pit bitch!"

    With that, Spawn crossed his arms out and dropped them, raging out flames and setting the stage red as his theme played and he walked to the back slowly, looking each man dead in the face as he passed.

    :pipebomb: all of you would be wrecked:pipebomb:
  12. 1 here now...

    Now give me my title shot NOW!
  13. Son, this isn't going to get you anywhere. I've already decided. You've never been reliable. I brought you back because I figured you would be a good addition to the roster, but you're not. You posted a thread, asking Senhor to promo for you; when I asked you to promo. You never won the title with your own promos and didn't make it past a single PPV without winning. You're not fit for the title scene, you're not fit for the roster. And it's best that we keep people like you away when IWT is at it's most vulnerable.

    You're fired. That's final.
  14. FUCK YOU! Senhor was my manger so it made sense! I DID WIN BUT YOU DID NOT COUNT IT! I was in one match that I won but said it did not count! I more vulnerable then ANY OF YOU! @Tsar
  15. What match did you win? The tie you had with Aids Johnson?

    Thanks for proving my point that you have no idea what is going on in the IWT. Creative implemented a rule that all matches be fought till a clear winner was decided. ALL matches. We need activity and decisions being made. This is no time for ties leading to retaining.
  16. Last time I check it was 5 Votes for me to 4 votes for Aids...
  17. Aids is seen sitting on the side of the stage, yawning as he slow claps at all the drama.

    You see the difference between all of you up there, and me? I win when it counts, I talk the talk and I walk the walk. I am no superman, but I am this companies Hero and there is no denying it. You want to punish me Spawn? Please do, i've seen better and i've been through much worse than anything you bring to the table. Forte I look forward to showing everyone that not only can I compete with the best, I can win.

    And Mr. RR winner let me tell you a secret - I don't give one single damn about your respect. I am not Mr. IWT because I sold out, oh no. I am Mr. IWT because I put asses in the seat from Madison Square to your local College Gymnasium. Am I infallable? No, and that has been proven multiple times. What do I do when I get down? I pick myself back up and I win - again, and again, and again - so if you, Spawn, Forte, or any other stooge in the back thinks this will just be easy...think again.

    This house is the one Aids Johnson built. That ring you are standing in? Is the one Aids Johnson's fans paid for. And this belt around my shoulder? *Aids slaps the IWT belt* this is mine whether you think I earned it, whether you think I deserve it, but most importantly - Whether you like it or not.
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    IWT rules = "You must have 100 posts or be a member of the IWT to vote"

    Destinedjedi didn't have neither. It's against the rules so it was shot down. As a matter of fact, I could've suspended you for having someone join the WWEF to vote for you. And before you say you didn't tell them, I find that VERY hard to believe. On a WWE Forum the first place they check is an e-fed section, read through promos that they would know nothing about and vote in a poll.
  19. I NEVER ASK HIM TO JOIN! Nor do I know who it is! So NO it was NOT ME... And that rule is dumb...
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